Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hey You Sewers!


Can somebody point me towards a good sock monkey pattern?  And where do you get the socks that you need?  Does Hobby Lobby have them?  Anybody?  I saw several online, but I got bored looking for a good one.

Y’all know I don’t sew.

It’s for my momma.

Thank you!


  1. Hey Pammy Sue

    My grandmother used to make these for us as kids. The socks are made by this company and the instructions are on this page.


  2. I've been on the sock hunt for a long long time. I know I saw a pattern some where. It's finding the sock with the red heel for the mouth. Just got home and up to our eyeballs now in treats for the kids that need to get wrapped for the boxes to ship. Let me think about it and see if I marked it some where...

  3. Hobby Lobby has the sock monkey socks, and the pattern is on the tag of the socks. They were on the row with all the dool heads at my Hobby lobby.

  4. I bought the socks for mine at the local Tractor supply store. some place that sells grain etc probably might have them too. I just googled sock monkey pattern and used the one I felt explained best... ALSO, for my neice, I went to target and they had a pair of pink polka dot knee socks with the pink heel, I bought a pair and made her the cutest sock monkey out of that... same concept any knee sock with a different colored heel would do... you could even use a little girl sock that was Christmasy with a different colored heel and make a little one for the GrandBabe!

  5. Red Heart has a pattern for a Sock Monkey ornament that is crocheted . . I made a TON of them last year as catnip toys.

    Anyway, I think you could adapt it to be a full sized monkey . . . all it is is 2 tubes for the legs, join them to make the body and then join 2 tubes for the arms and finish off with a ball for the head . . add a sock hat and you are done.

  6. Sorry kiddo. I do not know. Hey, I am really curious to know how your Dr. appt went? Email me....I want to hear about the compound meds for hrt.

  7. Anonymous9:18 PM

    sock has the socks...and sock monkey fun has a few things you can crochet .... i collect sock monkeys ...they are so fun and just make you smile....Sue in MI

  8. The only *REAL* sock monkeys are made with "Original Rockford Red Heel Socks". The pattern is included with 2 pairs of size large socks. I got mine at a fabric store. I've made several monkeys.. go to my blog and there is a search feature.. put in sock monkey. You do have to sew the main parts on a machine.. but then you stuff them and hand sew all the parts together. Then I made scarves, hats and skirts for them. :-)
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. this is the pattern I used to make mine: it's really easy to follow!


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