Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year in Review…NOT

If I see one more “year in review” post, I’m going to vomit.  Please stop.  (If that’s you, I apologize, but JEEZ!)

Do we have one original thought out there today?

Gah.  Somebody is a grouch.

AND…if I see one more extra-long, melodramatic commercial for Unicef or ASPCA, I’m going to puke again.  I’m all for charity and such, but their tactics just piss me off.  I don’t need somebody ramming that up my butt three times ever hour on every single channel out there.  I will find someone else to give my money to just because of it.

Jeez, could I be anymore annoyed right now?  NO!

I just had to get those two things off my chest.  Comments are closed for this post.

Goodbye.  See you in 2012.

Happy New Year!

I mean it.

Last Day of 2011


I’m crocheting a little this morning while I have my coffee.  I’ve started drinking a cup of instant every morning.  Ever since I got sick back in November, I cannot stand the taste of my regular coffee.  I can’t even drink it from Starbucks.  It’s just gross.  But this instant hits the spot, and I only have one cup.  I don’t even drink my iced coffee anymore, and I used to have 2-3 very large glasses a day.  Things change.  I wish I’d lose my taste for sugar as well, but I just don’t see that happening.  Ha.

DSCF5818 I had one of these for breakfast.  My daddy told me about these last week so I had to try them.  They are REALLY good!  Figures that they’d have 22g of fat though.  Ugh.  I guess I could try making some myself with turkey sausage and freezing them.  We’ll see how ambitious I am.

I really must do some work this afternoon.  I know it’s a holiday weekend, but I’ve put this off for two weeks and need to have it done by Monday.  I don’t wanna!  Boo!  Hiss! 

I’m still down in my back.  It’s no better.  I spend most of my time laying flat with my knees up.  Sucks to be old. 

Friday, December 30, 2011

It’s Not Love


But maybe a one-night stand.





Since I’m not really in love with it, I decided not to do an elaborate border.  Afterall, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.  Ha-ha-ha.  I shouldn’t say that.  She’s not hideous, but more of the homemade soap variety.

I did enjoy making this blanket.  It’s a combo of cotton yarns and acrylic yarns…just what I had in my stash.  The white border is a round of sc, then *(sc, ch 3, 3 dc) in same stitch, skip 2 st, repeat from *.  It’ll make a good car blanket, and that’s exactly where it’s going.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lunch at Heritage Ranch

We met my parents for lunch at the Heritage Ranch Clubhouse in the community where they live yesterday.  It’s about 3 miles from our house…



They live in an “Active Seniors Community”

This is part of the front gates as you enter.

It’s a gated community with 24-hour security guards at the entrance.


It was a beautiful day today and the golfers were out in force.


This is the lobby of the clubhouse.




My mom & dad as they arrived.


They still had all of their Christmas decor out.

It’s a really nice place.

And it’s nice to have my parents close and know they are in a secure place.


Me?  I’m still hobbling around and popping pain pills.  I had some left from the neck problems last month.  I hope they last until this resolves itself.  I only take one a day because they make me really nauseous, so I wait until I can’t stand it another minute, eat something, and take one.  Kat asked in my comments if I thought cleaning the porch the other day might have been how I injured my back.  I can’t believe I didn’t remember that!  I’m sure that’s exactly what it was because it started the very next day and that porch furniture is heavy.  Well, DUH, Pam!  That’ll teach me to clean! 


Still working on that border and trying to decide exactly what I’m going to do for sure.  I’m on my last round of black sc stitches before I have to decide.


Susie, your package was mailed yesterday!

I’m so excited that my depression glass will be living in the UK now.

**Insert long rant about how the U.S. Postal Service sucks**

I’ll spare you the actual rant.

But it’s no wonder they’re having money troubles.

They deserve it!



It was dinnertime when I snapped this picture.

They were impatiently waiting.

Did you know dogs can tell time?

They can!

And very accurately, I might add.

They know exactly when it’s time to eat.


We’re dealing with computer/modem problems.

The Captain has gone to buy a new modem.

Wish us luck.

Monday, December 26, 2011

I’m a Cripple


I’ve been hobbling around like a 90-year-old today when I’m up, but most of the day has been spent flat on my back with my knees up on pillows.


I really hate complaining here,  but it is what it is.  That’s what’s happening so that’s what I write.  I’ll spare you the whiney details, but it’s really nothing new with my lower back and left leg/hip, just more severe than it has been in a long time.  I had surgery back in 2002, and I’ve been lucky not to have any major problems since.  I’m hoping it’s just aggravated and inflamed and will calm down soon…kind of like my neck did a few weeks ago.  Why is it ALWAYS something?


My Giveaway winner has contacted me with her address.   Congratulations again to Susie, and thank you all for playing, reading, and commenting.

I had hoped to get all my Christmas decorations put up today.  I don’t have that much stuff out so it shouldn’t take long once I can actually get up and do it.  Another Christmas come and gone all ready.

Teresa, my husband took that picture in my last post.  I called him in to the living room to take it because I thought it would make a neat picture.  He likes to take pictures and help me with my blog when I ask. 

For those who asked, here is the link for the Jello Salad recipe and instructions I used again:  12-Layer Jello

Ramen noodle soup with garlic, cilantro, and lime for my dinner tonight.  The Captain is working until well after dinnertime so no cooking for me.

The weather is supposed to be warming up each day this week until we reach of high of 68 degrees on Friday.  I should have a few days of good bicycle-riding weather if I’m able, and I’m looking forward to that.

That’s it from me today.  Y’all have a good evening.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Night Crochet


I’ve just been sitting here crocheting most of the day.

A perfect Christmas Day in my book.

Well, unless there had been some snow.

THEN it would have been perfect.

But I’ll take this one.

Starting the border on my blanket tomorrow.



Winner Balloons

Congratulations to:


Susie’s Profile & Blogs: HERE

You Win!

I’ve emailed your notification

And left a comment on your blog.

Please respond within 72 hours or a new name will be drawn.




I’ll get your loot in the mail mid-week if I get your address.

Thanks to everyone for playing and reading.



12-Layer Jello

Here is a picture of my 12-Layer Jello Salad.

It turned out great.


The Captain and I wish you all a


Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter Clean-Up


I’ve got ten rows left…at least that’s the plan.  I’ve decided this one is going in the car.  You never know when you’ll need a blanket in the car.  I’m hoping to finish it up over this long weekend.

DSCF5717I made four of these smaller Jello parfaits yesterday.

I haven’t unmolded the Bundt pan yet.

You can see that tomorrow.

By the way, these were YUMMY.

I was out of sour cream after making the BIG salad.

So I used Yogurt in these.  It worked great.

DSCF5704I spent part of yesterday cleaning off the back porch.  The leaves had piled up after blowing off all of our neighbors’ trees, and it needed a good sweeping and general clean-up.  It was a beautiful day yesterday with lots of sunshine.  I also cleaned out some stuff from the garage.  I seem to be getting more done these days.  HRT?  Hmm…

DSCF5702 As you see, I had plenty of company.

I left the back door open most of the day and the dogs ran in and out as they pleased.  They love that.



So much better.


Gotta run.

Take it easy.  Remember…

Keep it as stress-free as possible.

Enjoy your families.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bead Curtains

imagejpeg_2_11 OMG…

Could she be any cuter?

I think not.


Her Peepers (me) is so proud.



Okay, so I’m making the 12-Layer Jello Salad today.  First layer is in the fridge.

Yesterday did not go as planned and I wasn’t home all day.  I did put a pork roast in the crock pot at about noon.  HERE is the recipe I used.  The shredded pork is to die for, however, because I left it cooking too long (about 7.5 hours on low), the sauce scorched a little and it ruined the taste of the sauce.  That is going in the garbage and a bottle of BBQ sauce from the pantry is being used.  Darn it.  But I will definitely use this recipe again when I can be home to monitor what’s happening in the crock and prevent it from burning.  In my opinion, it needs a little water added to the recipe so it’s not so thick.  Anyway, the pork is great and will provide several lunches and dinners for The Captain and me over the holiday weekend.

DSCF5673 I don’t know how well you can see these beads I hung in the doorway to our bedroom, but I think I like them.  I used to have a drape hanging from a decorative rod and swooped to one side.  I got sick of that (and it never did look exactly like it was supposed to anyway), and I decided to try some beads.  They look nice and neat…and a little bohemian but not too much.

DSCF5669 Here’s what it looks like from inside the bedroom.

Our bedroom door leads right out into the living room so I like some kind of privacy there instead of it being wide open all the time.  You can still shut the door since they are hung on the outside of the doorway.

DSCF5700 I need to paint the door frame and door a darker color still.  The white is really too much of a contrast with the woodiness of the floors and beads.  Agreed?  I’ll tackle that after the first of the year if I decide to keep them.  I wish I could get a better picture of how they look, but I tried and failed.  That last picture is really crappy.  And the wall colors in my bedroom and living room are not showing up accurately either in these photos.  Hmpf.

And what is up with those light switches?  They are so tacky-looking.  (See the first photo.)  Why have I never noticed them before until I saw that picture?  I need to go to Lowe’s and find some nice switch plates.


I’m off to add another layer of color to my Jello.  Why do I have a feeling mine is not going to look as good as those photos from yesterday?  I’m making mine in a Bundt pan like the first photo in yesterday’s entry.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Layers of Sweet Color



red white jello

12 layer jello 008

DSC_1352 (Large)

blueberry jello

This one is a little different, but I love the look.

fruit bowl jello What a great idea…so pretty.

It’s pretty inside orange rinds too.

Just cut in half and scoop out all the orange.

Than layer on the Jello however you like…

Refrigerate, and then slice it up.

These melons have the fruit still in them.



Find the recipe for a 12-Layer Jello Salad HERE.  I’ve seen other recipes that use Sweetened Condensed Milk, but the less-sweet version sounds better to me.  Just Google away to find a recipe you like.


 Sparkle Shots

I can’t stop looking at different versions.

But I’m forcing myself to stop now.


*HRT Update*

The hot flashes have all but stopped.  I haven’t turned an extra fan on in a few days now.

I’m having trouble sleeping...even more than before.  I go to sleep just fine, but then I wake up at 2:45 AM (weird, but it’s the same time every night), and I feel completely awake.  I’m taking an educated guess that it’s the Testosterone I’m taking at night.  I’m going to switch the Testosterone and the Progesterone to mornings and see what happens.  Supposedly you absorb it better in the mornings anyway, but I can’t tell you why.  My doc said I could take it at either time.


I’m outta here.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An Inspired Hook & Some Cookies


A spark of inspiration crept up on me today…


It smacked me right between the eyes.



And I’m off and running working again on a project started weeks ago.  You haven’t seen this one before.  I’ve been hiding it next to my bed and been doing a row or two in the evenings when I had nothing else to do.  Now I hope to get serious and finish it. 

Here’s a little something else that was created by someone’s inspired hooks…

3624_medium2 Isn’t it gorgeous?

I love the pillows too.

A wonderful touch.

The room looks so pretty and clean.


Inspired by the Deep Blue Sea.

Made by: Sveta T.

Go see the rest of her photos.


Here are some pretty Christmas cookies I made last night…

Peppermint Meltaways

2011 Peppermint Meltaways . . . 01

Have you ever tried a recipe called Lemon Meltaways?

The lemon ones have always been a favorite of mine.

These are exactly the same only Peppermint.

And melt away they do.

Right in your mouth.


Go see Paula and the recipe HERE.

Monday, December 19, 2011

My Favorite Christmas Song & More

I've been listening to this over and over with my headphones on.  It makes me happy.  I do it every year just before Christmas.  I bet I listen to it 200 times.  The video is cheesy, but I love the song.  Put those headphones on and enjoy.  I bet it makes you smile and bop your head a little.

I'd give nearly anything if I could play along with that song on a trumpet.  Wouldn't that be fun??  I would dance and blow that horn like I was in KC and the Sunshine band.  Remember how they danced and played their horns?  Hee-hee.  That would be too much fun.

Instead, you can put your sunglasses on and pretend your blind like Jose Feliciano and play an air guitar.  Ready?  Let's go.

Here's a little KC & the Sunshine Band dancin' with their horns in case you forgot them...

Oh, I could so do that.

I wouldn't look as cool as they do, but who cares.

I saw KC walking down the street in Miami a few years ago.  He looked good!  I saw them on concert in about 1976.  Fun-fun.
I had so much fun watching this video.

Another 70's rock goodie...

Hold up your cigarette lighters and enjoy.

Ah, those were the good old days.

Feeling Nostalgic.

I love 70's rock & roll.

Yes, I do.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Video Hello Takes 3 thru 6

Okay, so here are some of the other videos I made that same day trying to get a good one. (See December 15th entry for the original videos.) I was alone and recording these from my laptop camera.

Take 3

Gawd...I gave up on the hat idea.  At least Eli was awake for this one.  These are kind of like watching blooper reels. Now you know just how goofy I am if you didn't already. I abandoned this one before I even finished., and I was cracking up at how dumb I looked before it even started recording.

Y'all should all make one (or 10 like me) of these.  I think it should be mandatory that you show all of us your goofy selves.  If you do, you'll see.  You'll be obsessed and start them over and over trying to get a good one.

Take 4

Good Lord.

Take 5
Take 6

See what I mean?  It's hard.

Obviously, I am bored today.


Merry Christmas, Assholes

No, I’m not talking to you!

We had to get out last night to go buy a new printer.  It was a madhouse.  This was my lovely holiday shopping experience…

Bad People Collage

I’m not very fond of people.

Can you tell?


(This subway art is great therapy)


Things are looking good for those of you that entered my Depression Glass Giveaway.  I can’t believe there isn’t more interest in it, but whatever…that just means each of you have a better chance to win, right?

Love you.