Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

*Edited to add a Giveaway Notice!!*
Paula is having a Giveaway.  Go check it out HERE, but you'd better hurry.  It ends tonight at midnight.  (I was a little late in seeing it.)

Well, for me anyway.  We are having our dinner today around 5pm.
Very quickly because I’m super-busy today…
(Links in purple)
1.  Here is a link with a pattern for the Granny-type hat I made the other day.  I didn’t use this pattern because I just found it today, but it looks the same:
Thank you, Dorothy, for the link.
2.  I’m definitely going to make this Cream Cheese Ring. OMG, they look so good!
3.  I'm also going to make some of this rice (but probably double it).  I will add lots of chopped broccoli and a couple of eggs stir-fried into the rice along with the other ingredients she has listed before freezing. Then I'd add fresh chopped green onions and/or cilantro after you reheat it too.
Freezer Fried Rice:
4.  I will be posting my Candied Sweet Potato recipe with pictures soon.  I’m rushed for time this morning.  You must try this recipe.  It’s an altered method of my Granny’s recipe.


  1. Definitey makig the Cream Cheese Rolls . . . I actually think I can do it!

  2. Sounds like you are feeling a little better today. Take it slow and know that you will be nice and relaxed on Thursday while we are all crazy in family time. Oh, smart one that you are. These recipes look great for after the turkey day.

  3. Hi Pammy! Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully you're feeling better by now. Have a great one!

  4. mmmm my mouth is watering for all your early T-giving food....have a great dinner and can't wait for the sweet potatoes that your gfranny made recipe. :) Debb

  5. Hi Pammy....Happy Thanksgiving to you...

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Pammy


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