Sunday, November 06, 2011

Weekend in Pictures



I figured out the teapot cozy pattern.  It’s not exactly the crocodile stitch because the scallops are not staggered, but it was enough like it that I figured it out from watching a YouTube video tutorial.  Now I can’t find my teapot that is the size I need.  the yarn I’m using is Chroma from KnitPicks.

DSCF4989 Thank you for asking…Ollie is happy and healthy.  He still only weighed 2.2 lbs at the vet last week.

DSCF5002Sammi, however, is a little under the weather today.  She refused breakfast and was determined she would fit into Ollie’s bed.  It’s too big for him and too small for her.

DSCF5003I thought this picture was just down-right funny with Ollie’s mouth open.  He is so happy and playful.  You can see by the look on Sammi’s face she’s doing a LOT of eye-rolling.  “Get away from me punk.  I don’t feel well.”  Poor Sammi.  She is being appropriately pampered today in hopes of making her feel better.  She’s probably just perturbed at this little white ball of energy hanging around her all the time.

DSCF4997 Do you wanna play?

Do ya?

Try and take this grass away from me!

Ready?   Go!

  DSCF4977 I made a BIG, MESSY tuna salad sub yesterday.


It was good.


Fletch will play with you, Ollie!

He’s always up for a romp.


Where is he going?



He’s a good little pooper.

Good Boy for poopin’ outside, Ollie!

He’s even cute when he poops!


Sweet little guy.

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The Captain got me a deep-fryer.  I’m going to be in the kitchen frying up some eggrolls to try it out.  These are some Philly Cheese Steak Eggrolls that I found a recipe for last week.  Pictures and the recipe to come if it’s any good.

See ya.


  1. OH, my I so enjoyed that blow by blow of our day. I agree and am rolling my eyes along with Sammy. I know there is nothing worse than a white ball of fluff bugging you when you don't feel well and are tired.

    Great job figuring out that stitch. And nothing better than a little Chroma to do it with. Can't wait to see it on the tea pot.

    What the Captain bought you a deep fryer. I'm running to the cave right now to have a chat with Mr. S. What Pammy gets I need to get!!!! Right... Do you think he will buy it, my story I mean. What kind? Does it work?

    Great posting. I need that laugh today. And you my friend provided it just now.

  2. ...your crochet work is great, I love the colors and I love your dogs!

    Lots of love, Anazard

  3. Love the tea cosy :) I saw the pattern for this one and wanted to try it. It may take more time than I want to spend on it, tho...LOL.

    Your pups are so cute. I enjoy your blog :)

  4. Loved the doggie shots.. especially the one of the little one trying to get in the bed with the big one.. what a hoot! You're sure having fun with that pup. I just made bacon sandwiches for lunch.. that tuna sub looks YUM! Did you put chopped hard boiled eggs in it? I love that.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. That pic of the dogs both in the bed is a riot! Glad he is better, but hope they are all better soon. The tuna sub looked wonderful. I just ate a pbut butter and honey and it didn't do it for me! Love the tea cozy. I have no idea what an alligator stitch it though.
    Have fun with your deep fryer. Make me some onion rings, would you?

  6. Glad you were able to figure out the crocodile stitch. Hope you'll show us a pic of your tea cosy when its finished.

  7. I'm in love! With your little Ollie of course. I love my 2 chis too. Don't know what I'd do without them.

  8. Great doggie pics, that small white ball of fluff is a scream, charming pooping photo & just before breakfast!!!
    Amazing crochet pattern, looks complicated, can't wait to see it dressing the teapot :D
    Karen X

  9. OMG! That little guy is even cuter than last time...and I love how he crosses his front legs!

  10. Poor Sammi. You could tell she wasn't feeling good. She's probably feeling outnumbered, 3 to 1. I love that pic of Ollie and her together.

  11. The almost crocodile colored stitch looks great!


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