Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mail Jackpot



DSCF5052 I got my 17 skeins of yarn from the UK on Friday!  It’s so much better than I expected.  It is thinner than my usual ILTY from Hobby Lobby, but the colors are extraordinary.  I probably won’t be using it to make an afghan, but it will definitely be used.  It will make great baby clothes and blankets.  I really need to make some new bunting for my back porch.  Mine has been out there in the weather for so long through snow and ice and 110+ degrees.  It’s getting a little faded.  This yarn will be great for that too.  I also got the three afghan pattern books in the mail the same day.  I love each one of these books.  It’s rare when that happens.  I keep looking at them over and over again.

DSCF5064 I also got my hand-dyed yarn that I ordered from Dyeabolical Yarns on etsy.  It’s so pretty.  This picture doesn’t do it justice.  I’m going to go back and order another skein just to make sure I have enough to finish the project I have in mind for this.

DSCF5062 I also got my birthday package from Kate…

All I can say is…

W O W !

Look at that little mouse in the teacup.

It looks just like Ollie!

Kate, your “silly little gifts,” as you called them, made my day to say the least.  Thank you, my dear friend!

Look what I made with the yarn you sent…

DSCF5075 A pretty new cup cozy.

I love all the colors with the chocolate color.

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Time to go watch the pre-race shows and make more cozies.


  1. I'm so glad all you goodies got there. It is Ollie in a cup. I though it looked just like him. I had not seen this ILTY before. It looks great and fun to work with. Enjoy, we are only 29 once.

    I too have loved all the colors of the UK yarn. But you are right on it's thin for a blanket. It would be like wrapping myself in tissue paper up here. So, I'm making a big pillow cover which I had and didn't like the cover on. Maybe, it you do two together with a white it might be nice.

    Off to shower and head to IKEA. My idea is that I need to get a new light bulb for my crochet lamp. Bummer is IKEA lamps take only Swedish bulbs. I've had four bulb go out this weekend. Where is Scooter when I need him?

    Will be back later to have another round of WWF.

  2. wow!!!! I think you wore your mailperson out this week!! the colors on the thread look awesome.

  3. 'Jackpot' is right!!! What an amazing stash before you now! Those colors are all so vibrant and beautiful. =)

  4. With all those arrivals, who needs a Santa Clause? Fun stuff! Love all the colors of the new yarn...can't wait to see what wonderful things you make with it! And Kate's gift looks like a treasure trove of goodness! What a lovely person she is to take the time and effort to put it all together and mail it off! I love the Ollie look-alike! I take it he's feeling better now? No more "squirtiness"? Hope the rest of your weekend is good! Annette

  5. Wow, looks like you got lots of fun things in the mail.. and got super duper spoiled by our sweet Kate! She's so generous and nice! Lucky you!!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Happy Birthday Pammy Sue! That was sooo sweet of Kate to send you goodies! My Hubby been treating me so royally with the trip and all so I won't be miserable when I turn 65 Wednesday. Oh, well, it's better than not turning I guess. I love the colors of your yarn from the UK. Too bad it's thin it would make a lovely throw. Have a lovely evening sweetie.

  7. Such a big stash of lovelies! You will be busy won't you, making something wonderful! What a sweet Garden Bell to send you so many exciting things.

  8. Love the colors of your UK yarn. I thought you might be making a baby ripple out of it.

    Don't you love when you order books that you actually like them when they come? I only had the one that I didn't like because of the color. Do you know I haven't picked that book back up to do any motif's out of it? Maybe I should try at I feel bad. lol

    Hope your weekend was good. Mine was quiet.

  9. I have always seen this yarn on other blogs, the colors are gorgeous... now down to the facts... How much did it cost per skein? How bad was postage to the UK? Details young Lady !!

  10. WOW Can you say yarn envy???? I too found the new ILTY yarn at HL and thought about you- too bad the Garden Bell beat me to the thought!! LOL

    That teacup is so cute- just like Ollie- you gotta post more pics of the little guy. Just don't make the other doggies jealous!!

  11. Hooray...the baby is coming, the baby is coming!!! Aren't those 3D pics just amazing? You will be holding your lovely little one in a few more hours.....I am so excited for you.
    Wow, is right...that package Kate sent you is fabulous!


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