Saturday, November 05, 2011

Just Do It For Me

Aren’t these cute?


I found this picture on Flickr HERE.

It looks like it would be very easy to replicate just from looking at this picture, especially if you’re familiar with the ruffle crochet method, which pretty much everybody is by now if you’ve been crocheting a while.  I’m just not that ambitious.  So somebody do it for me and then share the pattern, okay?  Okay.  Thanks.


I watched some of Margaret Cho’s standup this afternoon on the Logo Channel.  Man, she’s really, really, really, really, DIRTY.  I got scared and changed the channel.  LOL.  It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, which I’m not, but it was a little much for even me.  She did say a few things that made me bust out laughing, but a few things she said made me cringe too.  When I was cringing more than laughing, I changed the channel.


I haven’t crocheted in days.  I tried to figure out THIS PATTERN yesterday, but I either wasn’t doing it correctly or I just wasn’t patient enough to keep going and see if I was doing it correctly. See picture below. It even says you have to do that in the instructions…you have to wait for the pattern to “emerge” or some shit.  That should have been my clue not to try it.  It looked right, and then I started thinking too much and got all confused and frogged it after the first layer of scallops.


Here is something else pretty:


I think it’s beautiful!

I found it HERE.

I hope you’re having a nice weekend.



  1. I've been trying to figure out that crocodile stitch too and I think the easiest method is demonstrated here
    That teapot cosy is lovely - hope you can work out how to do the stitch.

  2. Hi Pammy Sue,

    Those slippers are pretty. They do look easy to make. For the ruffle part, what I would do is...after the slipper part is complete, I'd start doing dc's in the posts from that round, maybe 2-3 dc's on each post, then go down to the next row, next color and do same thing. It looks like she did about 10 posts with ruffles on. Just my thoughts....:)

    I have not tried that alligator stitch yet, but I did see some good tut's on it on youtube. Check that out.
    I just don't like it enough to try it right now. Someday....

    How is your new pup doing? Is he feeling better now?

    Have a good weekend!

  3. Those slippers look like bigger ones of the baby booties I do. I just can't imagine that they'd be too comfy on your feet to walk in them. But they're cute! I like the tea cozy but it sure looks like a yarn eater. My fave is the blanket.. very cozy looking.

    Have a good tomorrow! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Anonymous7:44 PM

    i love anything granny....just finished a granny ripple in burgandy and black basically following the stripe pattern on your candy cane...will have to put this on the list as i still have lots of leftovers!

  5. Good Evening, Miss Pammy Sue. I bought that pattern on Etsy. I can't remember the shops name. I will find it and send you the Etsy shops name in the morning. How was the MRI?

  6. The slippers are darling! That comedian is vulgar, I don't care for her at all! The cozy is darling! The blanket is yummy! Is baby almost here????
    XO Kris

  7. Ms Pammy.

    The Aussie/Eng key is not like ours... dc is an sc for us, same goes for tc to dc.

    I created a cross ref cheat sheet. Let me know and I'll be happy to share it with you and your followers

  8. Hi. Love your blog. I have made the tea cozy and its not that hard. I nver got it sewn together, but I made it.
    go to and join there. There are alot of very helpful people on there, including the designer of the tea cozy.

  9. Can I come and borrow that blankie. I need to have it for the nap I'm about to go take. Four, yes, Four bad nights of sleep now. Maybe, it's because I'm sleeping during the day. Dah... Any who, I see we are in the same sort of moods to day. Nothing, I repeat nothing being done here. I'm just staring at that machine in it's box. Has not come out yet and probably won't until S leave for FL on Wednesday.

    P.S. I tried that tea cozy {croc} stitch and couldn't figure it out as well.

    P.S.S. Sure hope your yarn get there soon, so we can start....well, maybe.

  10. I tried the crocodile stitch and got so flustered and aggravated with it. I guess when I have more patience I'll try it again.


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