Friday, November 18, 2011

Sick Day

I have been sick since last night.  Nausea, runny nose, and just generally feel like dog do-do.  That’s putting it mildly.  I did manage to make three pumpkin pies for our Thanksgiving dinner, which we’re having at my mom’s house on Sunday late afternoon.  I rolled around the kitchen on a stool like a 90-year-old.  I made these two regular pies and one crustless for The Captain. 

DSCF5134 In the fridge they go until Sunday.  I remembered to take the Cool Whip out of the freezer too.  Go me.

I made this little hat yesterday.  It’s supposed to be for Harper, but it’s way too big.  I am convinced I am incapable of making a hat in an infant size.  This was my third try and I still didn’t get it right.  I swear.  How hard can it be?

DSCF5142This is the only one I didn’t frog because I like it too much.  She will grow, right?  I will try again tomorrow.  No pattern…I winged it.

DSCF5135I managed to finish the front of my pillow.  Here it is folded into fourths.  It’s BIG.  Those last rows were very long.  I had to shave my legs twice before I finished one round.  Okay, I’m exaggerating, but they were long.  They probably seemed longer because I didn’t feel good.

Did I mention I don’t feel well?

That means I can’t see Harper.

Okay, bye.



  1. You accomplish more while sick than I do in two days of being perfectly fine. :-)

    Do you make your own crusts? I'm trying to convince hubby he needs to learn how to make pumpkin pies. :-)

    I hate it when illness keeps you from being with grandkids.. and it works both ways.. you can't be around them when they're sick or YOU will get sick.

    Have a great T-day on Sunday!!

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Yes, those last couple of rows are killers. They went on and on. Just so you know, I can't do those baby hats right either. Way to big or way to small. Maybe, it's the yarn. Yes, let's blame the yarn. Hope you are feeling better soon. Like tomorrow, we need you back. Don't sneak too much pie tonight on that tummy.

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon Pammy Sue. Your pumpkin pies look great, enjoy your time on Sunday. I'm glad I read your post; I forgot to get the Cool-Whip! Take care of your self, as my mother always says, push the fluids. :-)

  4. Oh Pammy me too! You should see the pic my daughter posted on her blog of me laying on the floor last night!!! Then they put an empty bottle of booze by me to make it looked like I passed out. Lovely! Today, I can't breathe...throat is sore, headache, yep...just like you...feeling like dog do do!!!
    Love the little hat, and yes she will wear it soon! Pies look good. Feel better.
    Sniff, sniff...cough, cough!!!
    : ) Kris

  5. Feel better, sweetie! You should be your ol' self by Sunday and then enjoy!

  6. Firstly, congratulations on becoming a grandmother!
    Secondly, the pillow squares look so pretty, well done on the colours.
    And, I hope you're feeling better.
    Take care.

  7. Feel better soon! :)
    ps LOVE your blanket!

  8. Awww...sorry to hear that you're feeling poorly. Hope you feel better real soon so you can see that sweet baby. The hat is very cute! Maybe she can wear it as she grows.

  9. Sounds like the crud that is going around here Pammy- Watch that- It has gone to pneumonia quickly in a few people including me last month!

    I agree with the others- you accomplish more sick than I do well in a day- especially crochet!

    Take care- we want you well and you want to see Harper soon without giving that to the baby!

  10. Sorry you're sick! I was wondering the other day if Harper had been born yet...I haven't been very good at keeping up. :o(

    I started an 18 inch pillow cover for Kylie for Christmas, one side granny and the other will be some form of chevron. The granny side is taking forever! And I don't think I'm going to have enough yarn. I'm using Bernat Mosaic color Psychedelic.

    I'm very much looking forward to seeing my grand girls. I've missed them terribly.

    Hope you feel better!!


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