Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hi Ya


Yes, I’m posting it again.

A little closer-up this time.

It makes me laugh!


One of my napping buddies, Fletch.


Another rose from one of my bushes.

It’s huge.

And it’s very strong-smelling.



I haven’t crocheted anything substantial in what seems like a month of Sundays.  I did that partial teapot cozy, but I never finished it because I couldn’t find my teapot.  The rainbow blanket is sitting in a basket, untouched in two weeks.  And, of course, I’m itching to start something new!  I’m still waiting for my Lucy Pack delivery from the UK.  Maybe I’ll get my hooky-love back when that arrives.  Should be any day now.


In the meantime, ya’ll get YOUR hooks busy and show me something!


  1. Hope you get your crochet motivation back soon. I love to see all your latest and greatest projects. Sending good thoughts for a speedy delivery of your new yarn. :-)

  2. You are crackin' me up today, as usual. I have my fingers crossed that you A24 pack arrives tomorrow. Otherwise you may have to finish one of your WIP this weekend. Always a treat to see a post from you.

  3. Looks like "someone" has taken over the doggy bed!!!
    I SO need to get my hook a goin!!!

  4. nice sweet flower !

  5. Love all the pics... that rose is absolutely gorgeous.

    I tried to order the Lucy pack from Denmores and tried 2 different credit cards and neither one would work... I am so bummed, cuz I really wanted that. Hope yours gets delivered soon :)

  6. Well, I crocheted a unicorn the other day and gave it away to an 8-month old - does that count? ;)
    ps I love Fletcher!

  7. Pammy Sue, I hope you hop right back on that tea cozy and get it finished. It is so colorful. I downloaded a baby sweater set using that stitch and can't wait to try it. There are just too many fun things out there to try and never enough time to do it all....have a great weekend.
    Susanne :)

  8. Awe come on Pammy Sue, you need a Christmas Tree Skirt....grab that hook!

    I love that picture of the dogs in the cute!

    Beautiful rose. I had them at my old house, but roses never liked me, and I guess I didn't really like them either :)

    Have a great weekend...and get that hook!.............

  9. Your little chi seems to have settled in very well and is in the process of setting up the 'pecking' order of the house. Its been an almost non crochet week for me too - must be something in the water !! I'll have to quickly hook up a beanie so I can at least post something in my year of projects report on Sunday.

  10. I loved the doggie photo the 2nd time too.. cracks me up! Your rose photo is stunning.. with the droplets of water on it.. my my.. can't wait till you get your Stylecraft!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Hi Pammy Sue thanks it has been a bit of a long haul but now l feel it has all been worth it

    Loving the rainbow scallop piece and the yarns
    Couple of cute friends you have too
    Hugs x

  12. You could always join us over on my blog for our Huggable Penguin CAL. Just click on the photo that is at the right side of my blog and it will take you to the post that has all the free pattern info. There's even a thread about it on Ravelry in the Red Heart Group. Once you see that adorable face, you'll have to hook it! :)

    Ollie is so cute! I love that photo!


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