Saturday, October 29, 2011

When Crochet Goes Wrong


It was a dark and rainy night.  Okay, it wasn’t.  It was just last night and it wasn’t raining.

Anyway, I was testing a pattern for an owl.  The bottom part (white & tan) is the body of the owl.  Do you know what that black and yellow thing is supposed to be???  That’s right.  It’s ONE eye.  Bwa-ha-ha-ha!  I think not.  I have no idea what I’m doing wrong that is making the eyeballs too big or the body too small.  WTF?  I’ll try again another day.  I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation.  I used yarn from a bin of little scrap balls of yarn, so it could be that it was two different types of yarns or something.  I don’t know.


So yeah…

The Rangers lost.

I don’t want to talk about it.


Ho-Hum.  I’m bored.

But I don’t want to do anything anyhow.

I think I have some new ghost shows to watch tonight.

I hope so.

* Sigh *

Did I mention I’m bored?


He sounds exactly like a squeaky toy when he barks.

The poor little guy has diarrhea…BAD.

I believe the technical term is “the squirts.”

See what happens when I’m bored?

I talk about inappropriate things.

I’ll be taking him to the vet this week.

Oh, and I’m going to the doc too.

The neck & shoulder thing.

On my birthday.

P A R T Y   D O W N !




  1. So how bored are you? Are you really bored? Medium bored? Or a deer in headlights bored? Oh, and that's what that eyeball looks like
    a big old deer in headlight. So, how bored are you? I would skype you but I have the worst nap hair possible. I'm bored too.

    Ollie with the squirts, that my friend is why there in no pups in this house. I just take in the neighbors when I like.

    I know all about the b-day. I'm still putting together a few treats.

    Hey, did I mention I'm lossing my voice. Too much giggling with Marty last night. You would have thought we had two bottles of wine, but there was not a drop. She had a 12 hour flight today to Beijing. But, how did I loss my voice giggling.

    Looks like I'm bored here too on a Saturday night. I think I need to go make myself an ice cream sundae. To whip cream or not that is the big question on my mind tonight. I must be bored to.

    Hey, I played my word in WWF. Your turn.

  2. I don't what is funnier, your post, or Kate's comment!!!
    Sorry bout the Rangers. Cute owl, but maybe you could use some googley eyes on him instead!!
    What is this word you use....BORED? I have not ever felt this way??????

  3. WWF? Who's playing? What about me?????

    Pam, I'm sorry you are so bored and I'm very sorry that Ollie has the squirts. Poor you AND Ollie.

    I need you to find something inspiring over the weekend so I can get inspired.

  4. You're WWF buddies with Kate? I wanna play too! I have a favorite WWF buddy...he plays like I do. I have a very big issue with those who play three letter words all over the board and hog the TW or TL spaces and WIN with those 3 letter words! If either of you are three letter people, I apologize for the negativity on my behalf. As for your puppy with the squirts...makes me nervous. Watch him carefully and don't wait too long for the vet. Parvo is deadly for puppies and one of the symptoms is diarrhea. I almost lost one of my Goldens to it many years ago...he was just 8 weeks old. Sorry about the outcome of last night's game. I understand that you don't want to talk about it. It sucks! Hugs, A.

  5. Hi Pammy Sue .. I'm worried about your little dog. We used to breed dogs for many years and diarrhea in small dogs isn't good as they can dehydrate quite quickly. We used to give them Milk Arrowroot biscuits (you'd probably call them cookies) - they're very bland and what some mums give their babies to suck on. In any case, I'd be taking your little guy to the vet as soon as you can. Hope he gets over it soon as its probably making him feel just as bad as you feel about it.

  6. Your post was a hoot -- except the squirts part - that is scary for a wee little guy. Where did you get him? Hopefully it was a good breeder and it's not something that you can't fix quickly. He's so cute!

    I'm having fun playing WWF with you, Kate & Kris!!

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Aww... Hope the little guy gets feeling better! And I hope that whole owl thing works out. Lol... Thanks for the bloggy birthday wishes at T.H. last week! It was so nice to hear from so many of you. Happy Sunday! Hope its not boring. :)

  8. Poor little fella!

    Maybe you should switch hooks on your hootie. Use a smaller one for the eyes. Or one big eye and one little one? LOL!!!

  9. Every time I see a pic of Ollie I want a little white dog just like him!!! He is soooooo cute.

  10. I just bought that owl pattern and did the exact same thing! I used the same yarn brand for the body and the eyes plus I went down on hook size?? Good luck to you.


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