Monday, October 24, 2011

Scarecrow & Old Ripple

I spent ALL DAY yesterday making him (9 hours)!  He is totally worth it.  I love him.

I got the pattern HERE.

WildAboutColor had a giveaway and was giving away two that she had made.  When I didn't win, I knew I had to make one of my own.  He makes me happy.  I want to make a girlfriend for him, but I think I'll wait awhile.  I'm not up to a 9-hour project again so soon.  Maybe I'll just make her a little bit at a time instead of having another crochet marathon.  I can see her in my head with a cute skirt instead of the jeans and ponytails sticking out of her hat.

I took out the ripple blanket I made a couple of years ago and put it on the bed last night.  I had forgotten it was big enough to cover the bed.  

Ain't it cool?
It's Lucy's pattern from Attic 24.
All Red Heart yarn.
(Before I discovered H.L. I Love This Yarn)
I named it Dreamweaver.
What a dork!

See ya...


  1. I love your little scarecrow and can't wait to see what his girlfriend looks like! :-D

  2. I love him!!! I think I'm going to have to make me one. I also love your ripple blanket. Working on one of my own right now. Pammy, I also love the new blog the look of Fall!!

  3. Hello and good morning Scrabble Slayer!!! LOVE the scarecrow! He is adorable! I can see why you fell in love with him. I think a little pony or pigtailed girlfriend for him is a must!!!
    You two sleep on that tiny little bed? I do love your ripple. So cozy!!!!
    See you in a word match soon!
    Go TEXAS!!

  4. O.M.G. I love him!!! Must make him!!!!!!!

  5. LOVE your scarecrow!.. Totally worth the nine hours!! Beautiful afghan too. (hmm.. never did get to even starting one for my room yet, but it's on the to-do list!) ~tina

  6. Hee hee!! What an adorable little scarecrow! ;-)

  7. He's very cute. :)

  8. The scarecrow is cool! Gotta make me one too don't ya know. :o) xoxo

  9. He is just the cutest. I will have to give him a go to. But, I can't wait to see his partner too. OK, so I've been a daytime DREAMSLAYER all day today. Two really really long naps. Guess who is going to be up alllllllllll night tonight. I forgot all about this one, still a A24 classic favorite pattern. Off to see what's up over in WWF. I've been playing soooo bad. But, then you all know I can't spell anyways, so what's the surprise.

  10. Your scarecrow turned out great. He is really cute. And your ripple looks pretty on your bed. Have a great week Pammy Sue. :-)

  11. Hey, I think Dreamweaver is a great name for your ripple blanket - especially since you have it on your bed !! You're not a dork. You did a wonderful job with that scarecrow - you must have worked non stop for those 9 hours - there seems to be quite a bit of work in him. I agree .. of course he needs a girlfriend but you appreciate things more when you have to wait .. so its a good idea to put off making her for a little while :)

  12. Oh, you made one!!!!! I love mine so much, it is the first thing I see when I walk into my kitchen!

    Your ripple is awesome, looks great on the bed!

  13. Great looking scarey man you crocheted :))
    A lot of work has gone into your ripple,
    its lovely to be able to use it :))


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