Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oreo-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

They should just call these You’re a Fat-Ass Cookies, because if your ass isn’t fat before you eat these, it will be after!  LOL.


 Oh wow


Oreo-wrapping in progress


Right out of the oven

My review:  These were better than I thought they’d be.  I would say everybody should make these at least once.  They are not as rich as I thought they’d be.  I had my first one this morning with coffee.  They would be a neat thing to take to a party or the office or something like that.  They’re definitely a conversation piece…and they’re good.  I would wait until they’re completely cool and then cut them in half with a knife (as the first picture above shows) and then place them on a plate to serve.  One cookie is just huge and too much if you have other food to sample. 

My Notes:

*I did not refrigerate my raw dough before assembling the cookies.  It worked fine.  I would think it would be harder to do if you refrigerated it and the dough became harder.

*I used mini chocolate chips only because that’s what I had.  But I think they worked better than regular-size chips because it was easier to wrap the dough with little chunks instead of big ones.

*I baked them 6 full minutes longer than the recipe calls for.  They were just raw cookie dough at 13 minutes.  These are still soft and just perfect, in my opinion, baked for 18 minutes.

*I used Double-Stuff Oreos like the author did.

Here is the recipe link if you missed it the first time:  Buns in My Oven

See ya tomorrow.



  1. They look really good Pammy sue! But I won't dare make much as I want to try one. {note to not click on the recipe link....}


  2. I'm not a fan of Oreos but my kids all love them. When I have a cookie I want it to be fresh out of the oven. MMMM! But these do look good and I agree they would be fun for a party, etc. Maybe added to a gift plate for the neighbors during the holidays too. Or, you could just make a batch and send them to me just cuz you love me. ;-)

  3. Yummy!! need I say more?

  4. Oh mercy, I think I just gained 5 pounds just reading this post. This would be a fun cookie to take to a potluck. Maybe I will take them to our Halloween gathering next weekend! YUM!
    Hey, get the app, words for friends, and play me and Kate and Teresa! Kate kicked me arse!!

  5. Ooooooooh yummy. I love Oreo Cookies. I did it at the first time, i eat Oreos (this was before 10 years maybe) and now they are all public in Germany.

    Me runs the water in my mouth when i look at this yummy Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookies. Thanks for share the recipe.

    Lovely greets,

  6. OMG those look so good. And I don't even like Oreo's.

  7. Man, those look amazing. And for breakfast with a cup of coffee? Positively perfection.

    I like the idea of serving them cut in half. Show off that beauty!

  8. These are she-devil cookies. I might have to wait till the holidays for an excuse to make these arse builders. Speaking of arse's, yes, I did kick Kris's.....he-he...

  9. Wow those look like I would have to jog 8 miles to get them off my butt! My kids love oreos. I may have to give that recipie a try.

  10. i love the look of your cookies.. What a surprise when you take the first bite :))


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