Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Indulge Me

I know most people don’t want to see a thousand pictures of my dogs, but just indulge me today.  I took a bunch of pictures outside this morning.  They’re more for me than you, but I hope some of you will enjoy them.  If not, please feel free to skip this post.


I love this picture!  I like how you can see his shadow, how green and wet the grass is in contrast to him, and how you can see the blood veins through his ears.  (Click on any of these for a larger view.)

DSCF4905 Eli would like you to see a better picture of his new haircut.


DSCF4898 Fletcher always looks like he’s up to something…and he usually is.  He and Sammi were playing the whole time I was taking pictures.  They’d stand right up next to each other and pretend they weren’t paying attention, and then one of them would pounce on the other and the wrestling match was on.


I managed to get a picture or two of them standing still.





I’m always surprised at how gentle Fletch is with Ollie.  He can be such a crazy maniac at times.

And now back to your regular programming…

DSCF4862 My crapped-up fall mantel.

I hung my wire pumpkins unevenly.

Darn it.  I’ll fix that.



This is your last peek at the rainbow ripple before it’s finished.  Oooo…pinks & purples are next!  (I didn’t pose Eli there.  He walked right up and made himself comfortable when I laid it on the floor.  I guess he likes it.


Artsy-Fartsy Flower Pics!

(No Dogs)

I love you.

You look pretty today.



  1. I love seeing pics of your dogs! They are all so cute :) Blanket is coming along nicely. My cats always adopt mine too.

  2. Precious puppies and beautiful blanket! (and I didn't notice the pumpkins were uneven...)

  3. Cute Pammy! I can't lay anykthing down without a cat being on it so it must be an animal thing. Jealousy really- Angel is so jealous of my crochet.

  4. I can't imagine anyone not loving your doggie photos. People always tell me they love seeing my pets on my blog. Your ripple is GAHgeous! We're having THE most amazingly sunny day here on the Oregon coast! We're heading out soon to go to hubby's birthday lunch. And picture taking! :-)
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)
    PS - You look exceptionally beautiful today too.

  5. Love your dogs, more dog posts YEAH!!!!
    The blanket looks amazing too & i love your mantle :D
    Karen Xxxxx

  6. I love love love the doggie pictures..They are adorable each of them. Blanket is beautiful! Cannot wait to see the final tadaa!

  7. I never get tired of looking at your doggy pictures. Love how your rainbow ripple is coming along.

  8. I would say that's a full house. So glad they are all being nice to Ollie, I was wondering about that. But, he didn't look like a new Alpha that might upset the pack. Your blankie is coming along nicely. Did you start the girlie scarecrow yet?

  9. How do you know if I look pretty today? Love the doggins....so cute. And all so different! Do they all get on just fine together too? No alpha in the bunch?
    Loved seeing your scarecrow on your mantel too.
    LOVE the rainbow, and love that doggie loves it too!!!

  10. Loved the post! Your little ones are just too cute. The afghan is coming along beautifully. You're making me want to do another ... when will I ever find the time?

  11. You can post pictures of your dogs anyday as far as I'm concerned. They are gorgeous (even with the haircut) and are obviously loved very much. We have two Japanese Chins and they've just recently had their summer haircuts - look rather cute too. Like you, we leave their ears and tails a-la-natural. That granny ripple is coming along beautifully. Lots of people seem to be into ripples at the moment but I think the granny style one is a little bit more 'special'. Look forward to seeing the finished pic.

  12. Adorable scare crow. When your hand is better please make a girlfriend for him! Love your rainbow ripple blankie. Love the pics of your doggies! Feel better, ok?

  13. Hey, I could look at your dogs all day! I love em! Ollie is so dang cute. They all are but babies, especially little white babies are just the cutest.

  14. To Cute for words love the pics bring them on :))


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