Tuesday, October 18, 2011

His Name is…





It fits him perfectly.



Eos Lip Balm

The Captain came home from the grocery store with these lip balm “eggs” over the weekend.  One is lemon and one is mint.  I like the lemon one the best.  I tried to get him to take the other one for his coat pocket at work, but he refused.  He said, “Those are only for women because they’re egg-shaped.  Men can only use the traditional Chapstick tubes or the little tubs of Blistex.”

Um, okeeee…I guess that’s an unwritten rule in the Book of Being a Man somewhere?  It must be right next to the chapter that says real men don’t wear pink shirts.  Whatevah!  Personally, I like a man in a pink shirt.  It tells me he is confident enough in his manhood to wear pink and not feel self-conscious.

Anywho…try the lip balm eggs.  They feel great on your lips and will keep them soft and supple for your man.  I love that word, “supple.”  It’s #2 on my list of favorite words.  Number one is “sultry.”

christmas_divider_07It’s chilly outside today.  I love it!  I should get my arse outside and take a walk.  Instead, I have a big fat roast waiting for me to brown him and throw him in the crock pot with some veggies.  I’d better get to it if it’s going to be ready for The Captain’s dinner at 7:30.

Y’all have a nice day!


  1. He looks like an "Ollie" too! I tried those lip balms, they are pretty good. And I love a man in a pink shirt, but I can't convince Mr. S. to wear one either :(

    Hope you have a great day too.

  2. Oh my gosh, I missed your post about your new fur baby!! My grandma always had Chihuahua's!! He is adorable. Love the name. Grandma's was named Cricket! I will have to look for that lip balm. The lemon sounds nice! My hubby is a carmex kind of guy!!

  3. Great name choice - he looks like an Ollie!
    I love these eggs, I have the lemon one as well and I'm a fan!
    Enjoy the brisk weather :-)

  4. Oliver is perfect! I had a white cat named Oliver that we called Ollie. about 30 years ago.
    The lip balm... so true!
    Hubby use to LOVE a balm that MAC carried. I would always pick it up for him & he used it for years. Until one day when they changed the packaging. I gave him the new balm, and he goes...whats this? I said your MAC balm. He says. No it isnt. Thats womens stuff. I said, no they changed the packaging. He said, Im not using that! Its womens! IT WAS THE EXACT SAME PRODUCT BUT IN A PRETTIER TUB!!! HE has never used it again since.

  5. Perfect-0.... I love it.
    Yes, get that arse outside and take Ollie for a walk. Remember, we are in potty training mode. But, first, get that roast cooking. You know nothing is worse that having the wrong lip balm or not having dinner ready for them at their magical hours. My pick tonight is Chaz, please.

  6. Your list of favorite words sounds enticing!! :)

  7. Awww...he does look like an Ollie. He's sooooo cute! Makes you want to just carry him around all day huh? I think he'll be one spoiled little man....errr dog I mean. lol. How's Eli with him? And yes, we will get that cooling tomorrow that you've got today. This past weekend was beautiful! Cool at night, warm during the day.

  8. Oh my, I missed your last post with the Oliver intro! How cute is he!?! Congrats on your new pup.. I bet you're having a fun time getting to know him and seeing him get used to the rest of the "pack"! :-)
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Hi Ollie!!

    He's adorable Pammy. I love a man in a pink shirt butmy hubby won't wear one. My dad looks great in one even at 68 years old.

    Cold here today- 50 and raining. gonna hate this winter weather!

  10. he's so cute! and Ollie is a good name!

  11. Oh! Ollie, yes it fits him! Men are funny....manly things, hee hee. Supple not sagging are what we as 50 somethings are trying to remain!!!! Haven't seen or I should say noticed the egg shaped lip balms yet. Pink on a tanned man looks great. Enjoy your roast tonite.

  12. I think Ollie suits him. He looks like an Ollie. And I LOVE the lemon lip balm! I agree, it definitely makes my lips feel soft and supple. I haven't tried any of the other ones yet. I tried lemon first, got hooked on it, and that's what I stuck with!

  13. Perfect name for your little pup. :-) Cool eggs, I haven't seen them here yet, will have to keep an eye out. Hope you roast turns out great!

  14. Hey Ollie, you are a very handsome little fella!

  15. Ollie looks so sweet - that is a perfect name for him. Have fun together.

  16. Ollie, just perfect!

  17. What a perfect name you picked! I love it! By the way...I made your Taco soup on Sunday and it was delicious! My son really liked it and it is almost gone! Thanks for sharing this great recipe. My house smelled so good while it was cooking up in the crock pot. Have a great week!

  18. Oliver is so cute !! Great name !

  19. I have never tried those lip balmsd but they look so cute. I am with you pink is great on men too and my favorite color. I just love your little guy, Ollie yes I can see that.. :) Debb

  20. Men don't wear pink? Don't tell my other half that. He has a dark pink jumper he likes to wear.

    Ollie looks cute and sooooo teeny. I love little dogs!


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