Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Get the First Aid Kit…

Pammy Sue is in the house!

Ever since I can remember, I have always been known to be VERY accident-prone.  As soon as one injury healed, the next one was not far behind.  Adulthood has not changed that very much…okay, it hasn’t changed it at all.  I’m ALWAYS bleeding from somewhere!  (That didn’t sound right, but you know what I mean.  Ha.)


This little cut on the back of my hand doesn’t look like much, but it hurts like a mother you-know-what!  This is the same hand that was injured in the dog bite, flesh-ripping incident a few months back.

I was getting Taco Soup together yesterday morning for the crock pot which involves opening at least 6 cans of various ingredients.  I opened them all at once and left the lids hanging on the cans.  (You see where this is going, don’t you?  I should have too.)  When I was cleaning up and had them all rinsed out and ready for the recycle bin, I picked them all up with one hand (see above) by sliding each finger into a can and lifting them up.  As I put them in the recycle bin, I mashed everything down using the cans with my fingers still in them.  One of the can lids jammed into the knuckle of my middle finger.  Many foul words and running around the kitchen in circles with blood dripping followed.  I swear, it bled for hours and never did stop hurting.  Today it is swollen and bruised and WAH-WAH-WAH!  The worse thing is I CAN’T CROCHET because it hurts too bad!  (Insert more foul words here.)

It doesn’t look that bad, does it?  Well, it is!  I should just cut my arms off at the elbow and get it over with.

And on top of that, my hand looks so old in that picture!  What the heck?  When did that happen?  Ack!

I’m going back to bed.

Please carry on without me.

I’ll be here convalescing from another GASH.

And making a mountain out of a mole hill.

I swear, it HURTS BAD though!


  1. cuts on the knuckles suck..funny post though..made me smile..have a great day.

  2. I get bruises, and half the time I don't even remember what I bumped into.
    Love your blog. You write the way I am!

  3. You poor thing. I hope that does mean you are going to give on WWF. I could use a win. Sounds like we are both having a slump day. But, I bet that T.B. Soup will fix it. It works wonders here and that's why I've made it about 20 times. Did I miss the link to the recipe or is that still to come.

    Now, my friend, you know what I'm going to say..... ICE,ICE,BABY... and I mean now....we can't carry on without you for long.

  4. OUCH!!!

    I slammed my finger in the front door several months ago. Someone laughed (they thought I was teasing) when I mentioned how much it hurt to crochet! Ugh. I'm so sorry!!

  5. I swear small cuts on knuckles always hurt the worst for no good reason!

  6. Oh Pammy that looks like it hurts!!! I am SO accident prone too! I have had more stitches and staples than I care to count! My girlfriend sliced the heck out of leg by carrying the trash sak out to the trash that she had tossed a tuna can into without poking the lid down, and it cut her leg requiring stitches.
    Have you had a tetnus shot? You might need that looked at! Watch for infection!!!!

  7. Oh, I'm sending you little hugs, Pam. I think it does hurt and I did something similar not that long ago myself. AND your hand does not look OLD, it is just injured and feeling bad. ;-)

  8. Oh Pam, ouch! It does look sore. Hand owies are always the worst because who can sit still and not do anything while their hand heals??? Here let me kiss-kiss your boo-boo. There it should get better now!

  9. Geez Pammy-

    Between you and Bev's grandson there is blood all over the place! Get some neosporin and ice on that- we can't have you not crocheting for long now canwe?

  10. I am the same I was 17 and I broke my arm after 6 weeks I got the cast off then two hours latter I was back at the er because I broke my other arm after the dog triped me.

  11. Anonymous9:09 PM

    OUCH....Put some peroxide on it and that will take some of the sting may not work as well as when it was first done ...something about peroxide and metal grandmother told me that a long time ago...I hope it helps.....I have been a follower for quit awhile and just love your blog....i dont have a blog...still alittle computer in Michigan

  12. I'm usually accident prone too....the klutz. Knock on wood....but lately I haven't. Hope it heals quickly. We can't have you 'not crocheting' now can we? :o) xoxo


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