Friday, October 07, 2011

Blanket Progress


I’ve got nothing other than a blanket update and a couple of notes.  I’m about 1/3 of the way there.  It won’t be long until I’m finished if I can keep adding a few rows a day now.  I’m interested to see how it looks outside in the natural light when it’s done.  I haven’t forgotten about the pink & green squares either.  That’s a third afghan I have going at the moment.  It’s time to make a few more squares for her.  Yes, it’s a female, and in typical female fashion, she’s feeling neglected lately. 

Yes, I have three afghans going (more if you count some that I have hidden away), so why am I itching to start something else all ready?  It’s a mystery to me!

To Debbie:  The face product I mentioned a while back was a Massengill powder gel that you can use for a make-up primer.  It wouldn’t do much for your red face, I don’t think.  Sorry!  I hope you find something that works.

To Kris:  The link to the recipe for the Yeasted Cornbread is in my post about it.  Just click on the name and it will take you to Bev’s blog where she has the recipe written out.  I believe she said it is also on  The leftovers make great toast too!  I think I like it even better that way.  Definitely give it a whirl.

No giveaway tonight for those who might be wondering. 

Now I’m off to get my first cuppa joe and sit and enjoy it before I start crocheting.

Happy Friday, Everyone!


  1. Isn't that the way of us crocheters? Start new stuff when we already have stuff to work on? I don't even want to count all of my wips. I think it's normal. At least I know I'm not the only one that does it. :o) Have a wonderful weekend Pammy Sue! They say we are getting rain...we'll see. xoxo

  2. I love this pattern and the colors! I really have to start going outside my 'stand-by' colors... Beautiful!

  3. Good morning friend. Thanks for the info on the meal. I will go back and give it another look. Love that afghan, it looks so wintery. Hey, I hope you stayed off the mechanical bull. That would not help the crick in your neck one bit! I am sitting here with my second cuppa!

  4. I forgot how nice O.A. looks. Love your color choices here this time. So...let's see if I'm are currently working on three at once. Gigglin' till my side hurts.

    Glad to see you are feeling better. Those neck cricks are a pain.

    Hook on,

  5. Some people love to start and finish a crochet project before starting a second one. Others like to have lots of crochet projects going and always want to start something new. I think either way works!

  6. I think you have ADD...Afghan Deficit disorder

  7. LOL Us crocheters never finish something before starting another. Gets boring working on one thing for too long. Non crafters don't understand that.

    Good luck- love the afghan you have going now. I wish I had your time!

  8. Used your hint today for Febreze when blocking squares . . oh, the smell is so good.

  9. I have the add too buy the way...should have said that in my last comment. I think most crocheters do. The internet has enhanced that problem for me. Love the granny ripple itchin to start one myself.

  10. I really love the visual interest of that pattern, to me it looks like a chevon with lots of *POW* eye popping appeal. I think we should have as many things going as we want.. I'm completely stalled out on my flower shawl and I want to start an "gentle" ripple with the Stylecraft pack I got quite a while ago. I've got a case of gout in my big toe, spent the day at the doc and getting bloodwork and xrays.. the meds I'm on have me totally dizzy.. foot still hurts.. ::wahhhhhhhhhhhh::.
    ((hugs)), Teresa

  11. Wow that blanket is really coming along nicely! :) Good job! I really like the pattern of the granny ripple... maybe make one myself someday! :)


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