Monday, October 10, 2011

Bald & Bored

I didn’t get to crochet as much as I’d hoped yesterday or today.  I only got a couple of hours in last night and none today.  So the blanket isn’t finished.  I think I’ll need the rest of the week unless I rush, and there’s no reason to rush.

The haircut?  Well, I’m still getting used to it.  I’m not bald as the title of this post suggests.  I do have less hair.  I kind of look like Dorothy Hamill on crack (and in menopause).  LOL.  I’m going to give it a few days.  It’s not that I got a bad cut.  I just think I want it shorter on the sides maybe?  I’ll have to think about it.  It sure does feel good to be rid of all that hair though.

I’m doing some laundry and really just sitting here doing nothing.  I worked until noonish, and I have no idea what I’ve done for the last five hours.   I did eat some of those dang Almond Delight Cookies and made myself sick and had to go lay down.  Did you make them yet?  You too can make yourself sick when you do…something to look forward to.  Ha-ha.

That’s it.  No pictures; no nothing.  I’m a big bore.


  1. Hi Pam. I am liking your new blog look. Wish you would post a pic of your new do. I missed your almost cookie post. Probably a good thing I did. I would have had to make them and then eat them all!!!!
    I am doing a lot of crafting. Not making much progess on any one thing though.

  2. Bald... come on... I bet it's really cute. Ok, so what Mac Truck hit me this morning. I've laid down three times now. I think I have Car lag instead of Jet Lag. May be amongst the living again tomorrow. You know I want to see a picture of that hair. No way I'm skype-ing today, I have Car Jag hair here....

  3. Okay, let's see it, Pam. Don't be such a big tease!

  4. All in favor of seeing PS's hair say "AYE"! Motion passed. Show us! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Monday is my laundry day which I remembered when I woke up and then totally forgot as I did others things today. By the time I "remembered" it was too late to start it. Now I have to put it off (yea!) until Wednesday. But I got our porch furniture cleaned and put away in the shed so I did get something done today. And I managed to crochet a little too. Just four days until we leave for our Florida road trip. I won't have internet while at WDW - they don't have WiFi there and you have to "rent" a monitor to get internet service at $10 a day which I refuse to pay. I can use a break anyhow. Like your new blog template look! Your post is so funny...they always are...what a great sense of humor you have!!!

  6. So when are you going to post a picture of the amazing cut?

  7. Oh Pam we must see the hair!

  8. You are never, ever a bore!

    I think we need to see a picture of your new hair cut!

    I started a CAL for an afghan, drop by my place and take a's a snowflake afghan.

    Wishing you a lovely day. :)

  9. what? no picture? what the heck? YOU MUST show us so we can laugh. JK.. kind of. Anyway, I am sure you are just as beautiful.. just with a new sassy look♥
    love to you!

  10. Hi P.S. I saw your comment on the blog "Mothering Chick" about liking that basketweave pillow and finding the pattern. I found one on Ravelry for free. Its entitled Basketweave Pillows by Marty Miller. I'll look on your blog to see if you make one. It will definately be a while before I tackle it. Vicki


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