Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Thrifty Finds & More

Nurture Shoes

Yes, this is my lovely white leg with my ankle tattoo.  Don’t judge me.  I quite like it (the tattoo not the whiteness of my leg).  If it disappeared tomorrow, I’d go get another one.  So there.

BUT…the reason I’m showing you this picture is the lovely brand-new Nurture brand shoes I got for $2 at the thrift store! ! !  TWO DOLLARS !  Look online.  These are not cheap shoes.  And they fit my foot and arches like a glove – a really soft and supportive glove.  MAJOR SCORE !  They looked brand-new with no scuffs or marks at all on the bottom and no wear marks on the inside either.  I did spray them with Lysol before putting them on at home.  (It works at the bowling alley, right?)  I just love them and may not take them off for days.  And did you notice they are PINK SUEDE?  Hee-hee.  I also got a chair pad for The Captain’s computer chair for $1.99 and a magazine for .25, but that’s boring.


Dollar Store…

Food Haul

We’ve been looking for chili in microwaveable cups, but we haven’t been able to find any.  The Captain likes to take them to work.  They used to have several brands, but nobody is carrying them anymore...Nobody but the Dollar Store, apparently.  And I got me four cans of Spaghetti-Os and a box of Moon Pies too.  I always get Moon Pies at the Dollar Store when I go.

And the other day, Kris mentioned the fact that she lurves Peach Rings and buys them every time she goes to Wal-Mart.  Kate commented that she lurved them too.  Huh?  Peach Rings?  What are these things you speak of?  So I looked for some at the Dollar Store, and sure enough…

Peach RingsPeach Rings

 And I merrily ate half the bag on my way home.

Eggies Eggies

As Seen on TV

Break your eggs into the cups, screw on the lids, boil like regular eggs, and twist them out.  Perfect eggs for deviling every time.  No more shitty shells!!  Although I bought these at the Dollar Store, this package of six was $10.  Totally worth it if you ask me.  I’m going back for another box because I got a $5 coupon for the Dollar Store that’s good next Saturday.


Hobby Lobby…

Cookie Tin


A really neat cookie tin with a clear lid so you can see what’s inside ($4.99).  They only had one or I would have bought more.  Apparently other people liked them too.


A wire pumpkin with rhinestones.  I bought one of these last year and hung it above the fireplace.  It’s really pretty and sparkly in the lamplight or firelight at night.  I got this one to go on the other side so now I have a pair.  I love this.  It’s so much prettier than this picture, I promise.  I’ll get a picture of it at night and you’ll see.  I posted a picture last year too.  $8.50


This is four boxes of polymer clay with which I am going to make some crochet hook handles.  The purple thing in front is a rolling pin for the clay.  Then I bought two icing decorator tips for making shapes from the clay to make pretty designs.  We’ll see if it works.  I have no idea if it will or not since I’ve never done it before.  I also bought some little rhinestones to put in the handles, but I either didn’t make it out of the store with them or they fell out of my bag on the way home and are in the car still.

I also added to my Yarn Bee Snowflake yarn collection because they still had them for $2.99 on clearance.  I fear that means they are no longer going to sell the colors that were on clearance.  They still had other colors, and a couple of new ones, in its regular spot on the shelves for the regular price of $4.99.  The orange is what I was interested in, so I got four more skeins.  I had to pry myself away from the yarn aisles.  I wanted to buy so many more things, but I already have a butt-load I need to use.  Sigh.

That’s my day.  It’s pizza for dinner tonight.  No cooking going on here.

See Ya


  1. Slow down. This is way too much for me to take in one shot. Ok, I guess I'm guilty as charged. First, those shoes will not be coming off. Next, just fined my peach rings walking to get the mail. Only one good rag, but that will due tonight. H.L. without me and polka dots no less. Then a pumpkin cutenest.... Then you go and do it by telling me you are going to make poly hooks. Yeah... they are so much fun to do. Let me know when you are ready I have a few tricks. Let's see did I miss anything. We need to Skype this week. Oh, the chili for the captain, that's a boy thing....

  2. Great deals! Have you tried this "egg thing"? Does it work like it says it does? I understand how you feel about the yarn aisles. I could stay in those aisles all day and still not get enough yarn! Yarn hoarder!

  3. You definitely did good shopping today. Love the Eggies... I think they are pretty cool.

    The Wire pumpkin is absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Oh mercy me...so much to comment on. Love the rhinestoney pumpkin! LOVE that you tried peach rings. Although, I must say...I get them at Target. I will let you know the brand next time I do. I am very particular about my peach rings. Some taste too..peachy!! I love the ones at Target. They have the perfect balance of sweet and sour. I am very interested in how you will be making the handles for crochet hooks! I have one that I love. It is a wooden handle. Oh, love the shoes. And about the tat....there is a star, forget who, that has one almost just like it. A young starlet. And guess what? I have one too. But you can't see it!!!!! NO siree Bob!! Got it in Hawaii for my 40th birthday. Wanted to do something VERY UNLIKE something I would do! I drove around that island for 10 days looking for a woman to do it! Found her.

  5. Ack, looks like you had a fun day. I so want to try dressing up some of my hooks. I love hooks with handles, and the thought of cute ones makes me happy.

  6. I can't wait to see your hooks. I love the colors of clay you bought! They are really easy to do, I couldn't believe how easy. Love the shoes too! I feel the same way about my tattoos, they have a special meaning to me. I have plans for a new one. :-)

  7. The BEST shoes I ever had to wear, once I took my school shoes off, were a pair of Weejun Loafer I got at a local thrift store . . they had been broken in perfect and I wore them until they literally fell of my feet.

    Enjoy your find!

  8. Lot's of great stuff - I especially love the shoes. :)

  9. I love your tat....and if you didn't already have it I would get one like that (to add to my gazillion I have already). I know it had to hurt really bad too. I'm getting the itch again. :oI I can't wear shoes like that because I have high arches. Love the look though.

    I can't wait to see your hooks. I thought about doing the clay thing with mine but I've got so much else going on and so much yarn and thread to do something with. I just got some yesterday that was on clearance with free shipping from Herrschner's.(Think I spelled that wrong). Like I need more yarn huh? Can't resist a sale though, specially when it's really cheap. Got a Crochet Today! 2008 mag for less than a buck I think.

    And I love Peach Rings! I'd eat the whole bag in one day if I bought one...they're so good.

    I guess my rain dance isn't working...dang it. Maybe if I use both feet??? lol. J/K. I feel for ya'll. Fire is scary. Hope you have a good week Pammy Sue! xoxo

  10. When I saw the Eggies commercial I immediately thought of you! If I wasnt so broke I would have bought it & sent to you. I remember your hilarious post on hard boiled eggs.

    as for the tat...I think the lily whiteness of you leg makes the tat pop more :) It would be hard to see if you were super tan.. just saying...

    the shoes are cute. I am also going to start wearing flats more because of work & the whole getting old & keep twisting my ankle thing...

    love all your finds. looks like you had a good shopping day @ the dollar store.

  11. Love the pix of your shopping haul. Let us know how those egg-thingies work out! Just wanted to congrat you on JEFF'S win yesterday. I couldn't watch the race since I was at work, but I woulda loved to watch JEFF and MY MAN JIMMIE battle it out! Oh, and another recipe nabbed from past posts of yours...the Torilla Stack...was awesome and easy and I thank you!
    DebbiH from Ohio

  12. I've never tried working with that clay, but I love what everyone else makes with it.

    I'm really intrigued by the Eggies, too! Have you used it yet? Is it as amazing as it seems? I'm going to have to be on the look-out for it.

  13. You made some great finds there !!!

    I'll hyave to look up those shoes...;-)

    ~ Susan

  14. Wow, this is great, I get to feel like I went shopping with you and it didn't cost me a thing! LOL
    Now I have to find Peach Rings..
    Well, we're off to have fish and chips at the Pelican Pub across the street from our RV park! Perfect weather here!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. Hello Pammy Sue,

    Thanks for your comment on my blanket.

    I have a new google translator on my blog so now you can understand more what I am writing about.

    By the way, I like your tattoo.

  16. Hey nice finds Pammy! I love thrift shopping but it requires $$ which I am short on for the moment since extra bills came in this month.

    Peach rings you say??? Eh... they're OK but go to your nearest Candy store (or online) and get the HARIBO Peaches... you will make yourself sick- they are heaven! ONly I can't have but a couple because I am diabetic.

    MMM Pizza at home sounds yummy- we like tombstones.

    Bye for now!

  17. I'll take a crochet hook handle ;) I have been drooling since I saw them on Pinterest. I thought about trying to make some but I figured I could only fit that in between 3:36am and 4:12am! hehe! So if yours come out cute and you want to sell some....let me know.



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