Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sucky Stuff


I would so buy this for my house if it wasn’t zebra print.  It looks comfy.  Love it.  We saw it yesterday at Home Goods when we were out goofing off.  Zebra print in your house sucks though.  It’s just not my thang.

DSCF4449 I made this square last night from looking at Meme’s squares.  The pattern is from a UK magazine that I don’t get (Millie Makes) so I just had to guess.  It turned out pretty well, but I didn’t enjoy making it.  I hate making dc3tog and hdc3tog stitches.  It just irritates me for some reason.  They suck.  I probably won’t make anymore but thought I’d show it to you before I trash it.

Short entry today.  I’m tard.  Been out running errands again today.  I’m not leaving the house again for the rest of the week at least.  I have a snotty nose and sinus headache too.  I think it’s allergies.  Allergies suck.  Pollen and stuff sucks.  Suck sucks.  Suckity-suck-suck. 


  1. No, zebra here. That don't come in my colors. Love the couch however, but it looks hard to get up and out of. Just saying.

    I love this new sqaure and nice to see some black. I need to find my black, come to think of it.

    Really, you are not leaving the house....belly chuckle.

  2. No zebra for me either. Just don't care for it in any room.

    You made me laugh again PS. Suckity-suck-suck...I love it. Now you'll make me start saying it.

  3. Nope, I don't do the zebra either! But that chaise looks so comfy! Love the square, that you GUESSED on. Geez...I am not worthy to be yours and Kate's friend!
    I am snotty too. Nosed..,not as in snotty acting. Been sniffin' and blowin' and coughing for weeks. Sick of it!! I WANT RAIN! I WANT A FIRE IN THE FIREPLACE! I WANT POPCORN! I WANT TO WEAR MY SLIPPERS and ROBE!!!! WAAAAAAAA.

  4. That Zebra thing would not fit in my 100 year old farmhouse which I've decorated with antiques... but in the right house I'm sure it would look neat.

    I was glad to read of your sucky stuff as I'm so freaking upset and cry-y coz my granddaughters are flying away tomorrow...


  5. A couch, sofa, chair like the zebra one DEMANDS someone to stand next to it and feed you grapes.

  6. Yeah that zebra print wrecks the whole look of the chair, love the square though, you should sooooo make more for a ....... i dunno, scarf!!!
    Pop over to my blog & put your name in for a giveaway i'm doing, there's a nice bag up for grabs :D
    Enjoy relaxing at home for the rest of th week, hope your allergies clear soon
    Karen Xxxx

  7. cute square! too bad it wasn't fun to make - don't trash it though...maybe use it as a coaster?

  8. THat zebra print looks just nasty! No wonder the zebra wanted to get rid of it! :)

    Oh, your square looked really neat. I hope you save it for a coaster of something, it was way too pretty to just trash.


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