Sunday, September 11, 2011

Some Favorites


I’ve been a big ‘ol slacker with posting lately.  I’ve been crocheting on a couple of gifts that I can’t talk about or show here, hence the lack of crochet project pictures like I would normally have.  I was searching for a pretty square to use on a pillow and came across this one.  It’s actually a 12-inch pattern, but I didn’t finish it because, believe it or not, it’s not very pretty in person.  It looks nice in this picture though.  Isn’t that weird how some squares are like that?  You can find the free pattern for it HERE.

Perhaps you’d like to see some of my Favorites on Ravelry?  I’m desperate for material here, people.  Just go with it…


Isn’t this shawl just so pretty?

Take a look at the detail:


It’s just so well-done.  It’s marvelous!

HERE is the link and more pics.


This gorgeous ripple is so pretty because of the yarn that was used…sock yarn.  Can you believe it?  It must have been quite expensive and taken a long time too with such thin yarn.  Love it.  HERE is the link for more details.


Ooooo! Ahhh!


Link is HERE


So cool!

I love the black & cream together.

Link is HERE


I’ve got to get in the shower before The Captain gets home.  He gets off early today, and there are no skanks allowed when he’s home.  I need to put a casserole together and get it in the oven too, and I’ve only got an hour.



  1. "Buh-bye"...oh how you crack me up! My best girlfriend says that all the time when someone pisses her off (along with some other expletives that I shouldn't quote here). And skankiness...yup, that's another phrase that gets tossed about too.'s such a necessity - and such a waste of perfectly good crochet time, dontcha think? That ripple blanket in sock yarn...OMG...that's gorgeous! I don't know if I have the "stick-tuit-iveness" for something like that. What kind of casserole did ya make? Huh? Huh? Mmmmmm, buh-bye to you too!

  2. Lovely crochet shawl, thankyou for the link :))

  3. Lots of pretty projects.. gonna make em all? The most excitement I've had craft-wise is I had to make 2 new pom-poms for my granddaughters sock monkeys I had made for them. Seems the 3 year old pulled her pom pom off, then pulled the one off the 6 years old's monkey. EMERGENCY! They fly away in a few days. argh.

  4. Love those projects, and I agree sometimes photos show the best and sometimes the worst...I have been slacking on posting too...its a busy time of the year...Can't wait to see those finished gifts...

  5. Shower, deskancify, AND make dinner in an hour? Pashaw....did it happen???


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