Monday, September 12, 2011

Playing in the Heat

We went out to lunch for a sandwich today.  This is a little play area and gardens in the shopping village.  There were no kids there, but we were there acting like fools in the 103-degree heat.  I was sweaty and gorgeous, don’t ya know.  That’s why you won’t see me in any of the pictures.  I edited myself out of all of them except the last train one because I’m tiny.







You can barely see me in the window, and that’s the way I want it.  I looked like a sweaty, red-faced mess.  I could have at least waved or smiled or something though.


I finished a crochet gift today.  I’ll get it in the mail and be able to show it to you in a few days.


Have y’all tried this Peach Activia yogurt?  I just discovered it and it’s so freakin’ good.  Of course, I eat two because they are only 4-oz each.  Who the hell eats 4 ounces of yogurt and that’s it?  Some skinny bitch probably.  So please feel free to eat two, guilt free, because Pammy Sue said so.  It’s only 140 calories for two.  When I went to buy more, I got the 8-pack with 4 peach and 4 strawberry-banana.  I haven’t tried the strawberry-banana yet.  It can’t be better than the peach, but I’ll see and report back.

What else have I eaten lately?  Hmm…oh yeah…


Mmm…Pixy Stix!


But they make me cough and choke because of my funked-up vocal cords.  I choke easily anyway since that weird episode with the granulomas a couple of years ago, but these really make it happen.  Anything with a grainy (granular?) or powdery texture makes me hack and gak and gag and spit and choke and turn red in the face.  It’s very attractive and sexy.  So I have some free Pixy Stix if anybody wants some.  Remember those GIANT ones that were as big around as your thumb and about three feet long?  Those were awesome.



  1. Is there a way out of that maze or do you just have to go out the same way you went in? Looks fun.

  2. It's still that hot there?? Guess I have to quit complaining about how hot it is here, cuz we are not in the 100's anymore.

    Have not tried that yogurt, but I love anything with peaches, so I'll take your word for it!

    I absolutely love pixy stix, they are one of my favorites. I am such a candy-a-holic it isn't even funny.

  3. Oh you crack me up! Why are you hiding in that train??? I will try that yogurt. I love Jamie Lee Curtis, and she does their ads. I want to let my hair go naturally gray and cut it like hers. What do you think? Everyone here says NO WAY MOM!!! I will work on my blanky, I promise!!!! I have been ding dang busy!!!!
    Hugs and kisses...

  4. Hey Munchkin.... yes I am being very quiet over here... Did I tell you I am going to be a great-grandma? hmmm Did I tell you, the girl is 7 months along? Did I tell you her mother and father never even noticed that she was AS BIG AS A WATERMELON? My grandson just 16, and is.... well I will leave it to you imagination what I am going to do to him......

    Love the maze...

  5. I seriously need to have a chat with the Captain. We can barely see you popping out of that window. Tell him I said, Closer, Please, Next, Time..... Love that yogurt, and it does work.

    Sorry about saying I it was getting cooler down there. Man, 103 again. Yuck. I hope it cools off for your getaway.

    I am glad to see the two of you did get out and play a little. Isn't it fun to be a kid every so often. And who the heck cares what others think about the weird pictures we take. I can spot another blogger a mile away.

  6. A Lovely garden near your shopping centre.
    looks cool too.
    The yoghurt is something I have not tried, Love peaches and Bananas,My all time fav is Mango........ ohyeah!!
    have a great day :))

  7. sed to LOVE pouring the Pixi STix on my hand and licking it off . . no idea why, guess it was a good feel for my tongue :0}

    And DOTS! Loved those little dots on white paper . . . LOLOL @ eating pure sugar and pure Kool-Ade as candy . . LOLOL


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