Friday, September 23, 2011

Plain Blanket Gets a Name



I have two more rows and a big border left to do and The Sandman Ghan will be finished.  I’m aiming for Sunday or Monday night.  It’s very plain, no?  I think the border I’m planning will make all the difference.  We’ll see in a few days.


Just for fun, here’s a different look at the Granny Wrap I made earlier this year.  I really love this.  I can’t believe nobody bought it for $45 freakin’ itty-bitty dollars in my etsy shop.  Oh well, it’s gone now.  Shop is closed.  I got tired of feeling insulted by no sales or interest.  I’ll just dress up my manikin and enjoy it all myself.

What else?


Some totally un-needed new yarn colors.  There’s a grape color that goes with these too, but I forgot to include it.  Surprisingly, it goes with these colors fantastically well.  That’s why I have to look at what everyone else is making…I can’t see these really pretty color combos in my head.  I saw a blanket on Ravelry made with these colors and thought it was gorgeous.




A doe, a deer, a female deer…


Can you smell that fresh air?


Let’s have breakfast on the porch.


B Pillow Closeup

HERE is the link for the flower pattern I used for the Earthtones Flower Pillow.  Follow the tutorial through Round 6.

That’s it for today.

Bye, girlies.


  1. Seriously, some times plain is better. I think this will be great. Perfect name. Can't wait to see what border you pick out. Are you using one from a J. book?

    Hey are those deer in your back yard or are you sneeking in a few from the cabin?

    Ooooops, guess I need to get some lunch now that you've made me totally hungry.

  2. Love the blanket! Glad your having some away time!

  3. I like the yarn colors! I have a hard time choosing good combos, too. I wish I was more creative about it.

  4. Great name for the crochet blanket! It's looking really pretty.

    Etsy can certainly be a tough space but definitely don't take it as a reflection of your work. The Granny Wrap is really pretty!

  5. Il ike the sandman . . calming and cool . . . by the way, is that a fish in the picture above the deer?

  6. Paula, a fish? I don't see a fish. There is not one in the picture that I am aware of. Are you drinking again? hee-hee. ;)

  7. Wow, that blanket is so not plain. You would think it would be if you were telling somebody about it, but looking at the picture, it really dresses up our good old granny doesn't it.... I may have to make one of those. My Christmas afghan is almost done......

  8. LOL......I think Paula is either drinking or needs glasses. :o) Love ya Paula!

    I love Sandman Ghan. You don't see a lot of grey in big doses much.

    I envy you in your color creativeness. I have a horrible time with that. I don't know why because I look at pics of crochet all the time and know what colors I like together. Color block I guess.

    I love the deer pics. I've been seeing a lot of deer lately because it's starting to get cooler here.

    Have a wonderful weekend Pammy Sue!

  9. I love your Sandman Ghan! I love the colors, and nothing beats a granny square! No matter how many other blankets I do, I'm always drawn back to the simple granny! Have a great weekend!

  10. That blanket is perfect for Autumn! I was just thinking I need to make a fall color blankie to decorate my living room this time of year.. but my racken fracken cat claws up stuff in my living room.. I guess I'll wait until she goes to the big cat house in the sky.. although I might get there before she does. LOL
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. I love the blanket so far! It looks so beautiful! Those colors are so calming and pretty together. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment on my blog!

  12. I just love the sandman plain is a good thing but I know the border will be the punch!! thanks for the info on the flower earthtone pillow I am crazy about yours wow girl you have great color combos!! thankyou thankyou!!!!

  13. I love your blanket! I wouldn't call it plain's simple. And more often than not, simple is better. :-)

  14. Pretty yarn colors, can't wait to see what you are going to make. I have some new projects I've recently bought yarn for too. It's that time of year. Have a wonderful weekend (and your wrap is very pretty by the way!).


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