Thursday, September 15, 2011

No Title for this One


Mia has posted a couple of pictures of her pink & green granny blanket today HERE.  It looks so pretty on the end of her bed.  Every time she does that, I have to make a few more squares for mine.  I covet this blanket.  It seems to be taking forever and I’ve only made nine squares.  It looks like she’s got at least 63 squares.  Oh my lord.  That’s going to take me forever!  If I would quit crocheting on other things, I could get it done faster.  Oh well.  I guess it’s not a contest and there’s no hurry. 

DSCF4456It’s things like this that keep distracting me.  I decided to go with white.  I may sneak those two brown ones in somewhere.  I’m so lazy.  Ha-ha.


This is an earring I bought at Target the other day.  Actually, I bought two of them, of course, but I wore them the day before yesterday when I ran some errands, and when I got home I only had one earring in.  DAMMIT.  I loved these, and I only got to wear them once.  I thought they were kind of Boho and cool.  They only had one pair too.  I’m sure I may be able to find them online or at another Target, but I’ll never remember to do it.  The Captain searched my car in case it got tangled in the seatbelt and fell out on the floorboard or something, but it wasn’t there.  Maybe I’ll ask an angel to bring it back to me.  Nah.  They can’t be bothered with such petty things.  You should save angel favors for things that are really important, huh?  Like maybe the other 53 pink & green squares?  ;)


Sayonara, Tomodachi



  1. Well crap. Find that other earring. I had a favorite pair of green dangly earrings, and lost one. I was so upset! I kept the other for years, just in case the missing showed up. Nope, didn't. Hey, love the white centers on those squares. So cute. You rock!!!

  2. Yep Double Crap on losing the earring... it was very, very pretty. Love the afghan with the white centers...

    I think I am so like you... I have to multi-task for my own sanity. I have 9 afghans I am working on at the same time. Silly I know, but I bore easily...

  3. Thanks for all of the pattern links. Hope you find your earring.

  4. Your blanket is stunning. What a beautiful colours and nice pattern. And I like your bed!

  5. Hey girlie - I used to lose earrings like that all of the time. I started buying little rubber stopper things and putting them on the back of my fishhook earrings. I normally find them at Sam Moon or Claire's. Maybe I will send you some for your Birthday! HA!!!
    Loves & Miss ya!

  6. OMG Miss Pammy that is the most gorgeous pillow.... I am so in love with it, with all it's soft squishiness. You are an angel... I blogged on it, but I need to take better pictures when the sun comes back out.... Big thanks !!!

  7. Mia's photos and home are so.. clean.. and Nordic.. and artsy.. I wish my house was like that.. but it's not. I love the white centers.. if you sneak the 2 brown centers in the blanket.. that's all you'll ever see. LOL
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Love the new beige squares. I hate it when I lose an earring too. Hope you can find another pair.

  9. Hi, I'm really inspired by your blog but most of all, by your crocheting skills! I think I should really motivate myself to crochet beautiful things like you do! Have a great day and hope you find your earring. :)

  10. Love the Pillow and the blanket is looking fab'll beat me with finishing the blanket lol...l keep getting distracted lol
    Hugs x


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