Thursday, September 01, 2011

It Won’t Be Long Now

But it’s still going to be 102 degrees today!


This little guy might look pathetic to some people, but it’s all in your perspective.  I was so impressed with his tenacity and determination to come alive despite all of these 100+ degree days.  He’s looking a little pale but still beautiful.  He’s the only one.  All the others are hiding in wait for the cooler temps that are just around the corner.  When I noticed him this morning while watering, I just had to take a picture and let him show off.  I think I may go out there and cut him so he can live a little longer inside the cool house.  It’ll make me smile to see him on my desk the next few days.



And now for another episode of

Pammy Sue’s Weirdness…

I saw an angel last night, y’all.  I’ve asked for it the last two nights, and last night it appeared in a totally non-related dream.  I specifically asked to see a feather to let me know that an angel is around me.  (Although I thought I would see it in person.)  I specified white for an angel, blue for a certain person I know that is deceased, and gray for my spirit guide.  (Is this too weird for you?)  Anyway, I was dreaming last night about being late for school and a bunch of stuff that happened while trying to get ready, and all of the sudden I saw it.  I looked out the window in my dream, and there was a bird with a white feather in its mouth.  I remember being surprised by it in my dream, and then the dream carried on with the original story.  Seeing the bird with the feather only lasted a few seconds.  How can you be surprised in your own dream if it’s coming from your own brain?


Maybe it’s not.


The Captain worked his first day shift yesterday.  Yipee!  No more lonely nights keeping my ears peeled for Jack the Ripper breaking in to kill me.  With him here, my imagination does not run wild with horrible scenarios like that.  What a freak.

Y’all have a nice Thursday.

Grin your ass off.

It will make you happy.


  1. I, for one, think your rose is outstanding! I can't tell you what pitiful little offerings I get from my one rosebush! When I lived in California, I had at least 40 rose plants on my property and they all bloomed prolifically. I SO did NOT appreciate what I had! Here? Forget it! We have these nasty little beetles that come along about June and consume all roses! So I'm enthralled with yours! I love the colors in it. White feather, eh? That is SO cool and does not weird me out in the least. I have a very spiritual side that no one in my family shares with me or appreciates! I knew I liked you! Someone who has some connections in other planes besides this one! Annette

  2. I love reading your posts Pammy Sue. I'm always smiling. And I don't think you're weird. I have some pretty weird dreams too. Had one the other night that seemed so real. I remembered it when I woke up and called my friend that was in it with me. She's been dreaming weird dreams with me in them too. What's it all mean?????

    I love the rose.....he's beautiful!! Hope you get some relief soon!! I know it's sooo hot there and no rain forever it seems. xoxox

  3. My daughter Gennifer and I were just talking about this very thing. I believe!!!!

  4. Must be the moon..I have had some weird dreams too...the rose is cool..

  5. Pammy-

    It's not a dream at all. I've seen angels before and other things I don't know what they were. The latest? About a month after Mom died, someone shook me as if with their hand awake from a deep sleep. I thought it was Scott- he was in the other room asleep in the chair. I went back to bed thinking I was dreaming only to hear my mom call my name a minute after I laid down, still awake. I turned and looked and she was standing at the side of the bed. She spoke to me for a minute, a goodbye message, then she disappeared. I haven't seen her since but it was definitely no dream. And NO I'm not crazy. I've seen lots of things noone else has or would believe.

  6. Love the Pretty Rose... so delicate.... I think that's more a sign from angels then feathers.... doesn't a white feather mean something? Wasn't there a movie about a white feather.... crap I hate when I can't remember things...

  7. Love the Pretty Rose... so delicate.... I think that's more a sign from angels then feathers.... doesn't a white feather mean something? Wasn't there a movie about a white feather.... crap I hate when I can't remember things...

  8. Of course, I'm grinning my ass off, when am I not when I visit you my friend. I seriously can't believe you have a rose outside surviving in that heat, way to go. I think I need a nap and a visit from your white angel too. Glad to hear the captain is home now to calm your worries and keep the boogie man away.

  9. It is a lovely rose.. :))

  10. Cindy4:13 AM

    Angels... and it appears they may be bringing in a much needed break to this weather. I hope you are in the same path.

  11. What a beautiful rose!

  12. I totally believe in the angel thing. And, frankly, I do the same thing.

    You asked about the pattern I am using for my Round Ripple afghan. It's from the Crochet World Afghans book. It's shown in primary colors in that book.

  13. The rose is Breath-taking! What a beautiful little twist within it.
    You are NEVER too weird for me!
    Love you Ms Pammy♥

  14. Me again. I mention you and your blog in my blog post today.
    Oh, and last night, I had a dream that my son got his hair cut. He has been letting it grow for a very long time, and I just HATE it!!! I mean HATE it!!!
    He walked in this afternoon...with....wait for it....SHORT HAIR!!!!!


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