Monday, September 05, 2011


It’s an absolutely gorgeous day here in Texas!  It’s only 73 degrees right now.  Yea!  It’s supposed to be only in the 80s for highs this entire week, and it feels amazing already.


Over the weekend I…

DSCF4376 Crocheted a couple of charity toddler hats…

Find lots of free patterns HERE.


Made two more pink & green squares.

This is Wheel Lattice Square.  Find it free HEREI made an entire blanket from this square a long time ago.  Wanna see it?

Wheel Lattice Blanket

Elegant Squares Afghan


Hubby made breakfast outside yesterday.

Bacon & Eggs.  YUM.



Eli & Sammi were hoping he’d accidentally” drop some bacon.  No pic of Fletch because all of his turned out goofy-looking.  They all got a bite.

I feel a long nap coming on.  I didn’t sleep at all last night until The Captain left for work at 6:15.  I just laid there.  Bleh.  That’s what I get for having two giant cups of coffee at 7:00pm.  I couldn’t stop myself.  It kept calling my name.  Coffee = Love.  Addicted much?



  1. Yea for cooler temps!!! What a glorious feeling!!! Here too, and I am in heaven. Although they say more triple digits are in the forecast! Hubby cooks? Nice! Love the little hats, and heck, all of the stuff you make!!! Enjoy the weather and go take a nap!!!

  2. Oh boy i know that addiction, coffee, coffee, coffee!!! Glad the weather is more bearable, brekkie looks good yum.
    Received your gifts this morning & was so thrilled, did not expect the lovely extras, thank you sooo much. Oh those pot holders ARE great :D
    Can't wait to try the yarn & the patterns, the bookmark is already in use xxxxxxxxxxx
    Lol Karen X

  3. Nice afghan!

    Drooling over the bacon...

  4. I have never seen your Elegant Squares Afghan, very pretty.. Love the square done in your new colors too.

    Glad to see the cooler temps...

  5. Woo-Hoo... finally, it must feel like winter there for you all. But, breakfast outside on the grill, well, that's is worth a try. Is that a cast iron skillet. Love, love, love the square for this new blanket. It's going to turn out wonderful. Great colors too.

    Now, about a nap on your first wonderful fall day. No, don't do it, go for a walk, so you can sleep tonight. No coffee past 3pm now. We need you awake during the day.....giggle-giggle...guilty as charged.

  6. Love the new square - the blanket is going to be lovely.


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