Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Fall Decor

Since I really have nothing for you today, take a look at this cute pumpkin you can make:

You can find the instructions HERE.

Everything is from the Dollar Store!

Since I have no work yet today, this may just get me out of the house.  There’s a thrift shop just a block down from the Dollar Store.  Maybe I’ll find a treasure there.

I’m all rested up after sleeping 11 hours last night.  I needed it since I hadn’t slept much in the last two days.  I feel much better today though.  Bye!


  1. Have fun thrifting! It's pouring here and only 61 degrees! That's the lowest temperature we've had in ages. Yesterday was in the 70's but very humid. I guess you are right Fall is on its way.

  2. That's a pretty neat pumpkin :) I sure hope fall is on it's way but I hesitate to tempt the weather gods with admitting it.

  3. Oh Man I want to go treasure hunting too !!!! You will need to tell what you found as soon as you get home.

    The flower pumpkin is a cute idea, I tried a Martha Stewart type one, sticking the flowers into a real pumpkin, Around the second week of November, everyone was hunting around the house trying to figure out what the crap that smell was?

  4. I so wish I could go ATVing with you today. Please, make sure I know exactly what you find before I try to get those 11 hours tonight. Glad to hear you are getting caught up and have cooled off enough to head outside. By the way, ATVing = Antiques,Thrift and Vintage for our new shortcut for hitting all the shops. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for some fall vintage kitchen towels. How's about you, what are you on the prowl for, anything special?

  5. Wow! Great finds. I really love the pink shoes! I also LOVE peach rings. I buy them at Michaels whenever I go.


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