Friday, September 09, 2011

All of My Babies

DSCF4404 Hee-hee-hee!

Sweet little Sammi cracks me up.

I small_heart Her


I small_heart Fletch too.

He’s always so happy.



I small_heart the Hairy One, Eli.

Too smart for his own good.


I also small_heart my two boys.

They both have their birthdays this week.

Happy Birthday, Baby Boys!

This pic of them hangs in my bedroom.

It’s several years old, but I like it.

Aren’t they handsome?

The one on the right is NOT short.

The one on the left is just really tall…

Like 6’5” and probably wearing boots.

My baby boys.

I love you both so much.

8598310-big-heart-made-of-various-love-worlds-and-small-hearts-vector-illustration 8598310-big-heart-made-of-various-love-worlds-and-small-hearts-vector-illustration


  1. You are surrounded by men there. Is it the one on the left or right that will be the papa soon.

    Off to Mickie Ds, just talked with M and have an all day affair on Sunday. {b-day, early}. Now what to wear, as you know it can be formal over there.

    Big Mac here I come and SuperSize please....

    Oh, and I forgot. P.O. too. Finally, on the way today.

  2. Daddy-to-be is on the left.

  3. What a whole handsome lot you have!

  4. How sweet! I was tickled to see the Pups then a surprise of your own litter♥ What handsome young men.

  5. Very handsome lot there, both hairy and otherwise!!! Your sons are very nice looking men! My son is also 6'5" tall! He is a tree! And his, size 14!! I am the shrimp of the family at 5'6"!!
    : ) Have a good weekend friend!!

  6. Happy birthday to my nephews! I've had so much going on that I've forgotten which month I'm in.

    That Sammy.....I just want to reach through my computer screen and hug her!

  7. Cute fur-babies and HANDSOME sons! I have two boys too, and they were born 3 years and 3 days apart, so I know about having birthdays near each other. My daughter is moving to Ohio in 2 days, so right now I'm so perturbed at her it's not even funny.
    ((hugs)), Teresa

  8. You have a nice looking group of "babies" whether they be human or fur.

  9. Happy Birthday to your boys! And congratulations to the daddy-to-be!!

    Your puppies have such sweet faces. I swear I just can't resist a puppy dog face! They are so cute!

  10. "Hello boys" :)) they sure are handsome young men :))
    All the pics are wonderful , and I could take your puppies home, no worries :))
    Thankyou for the links also..

  11. Your boys are adorable Pammy Sue! Just like you!


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