Sunday, August 28, 2011

Same as Yesterday




Crocheting & Blocking

In a Rhythm

Mind Wandering

Clearing my Head

Soothing my Soul

Scratching my Ass --

Oops…I ruined it, didn’t I?


  1. Oh Pammy, I like it.....

  2. Very Nice!!!

    There is something about Granny Squares... I thinks an addictive stitch..LOL


  3. Bwahahahaha!! Leave it to you!

  4. works for me :0}

  5. works for me :0}

  6. Yes !!!! and just when I was admiring how poetic you were !!!
    I love all the granny squares but I can't stand all the ends myself. As I'm only a beginner I guess I will eventually work out how to crochet them in instead of having to sew them in at the end. I've almost finished my huge granny rug and there are quite a few ends to sew in there as it is .

  7. Very clever post. Like the flow of color. Another day got away.
    2 down and 2 to go.

  8. LOLOL, I'm such a crochet addict that you really didn't ruin it! I love that square. You had to post a grannie didn't you, now I want that in those colors too. Ohhhh, so many I want to make!

  9. are so funny Pam. We are back from another quickie getaway. I am so done with travel for awhile! I brought my small basket and did some knitting. I know, I know, you are a crochet purist!!! Love your squares.

  10. Oh my you make my day gal love your crocheting and beautiful colors used and most of all is that sense of humor of yours. When I come here I know that something amazing will be written here you never disappoint me. Take care my friend.

  11. I love the colors you're using in these squares. We're going to be gone week after next at a hot springs resort with a big beautiful pool. Will hopefully get to do some crocheting. Ciao for now!

  12. I knew you'd throw something like that in there after I read the second line -- you stinker. Loved it! and loved the square. Those are beautiful colors together.

  13. In typical blog-junkie fashion, I stumbled upon your world via other bloggers' bloglists. I am deranged, I think, since I HAD to read every single post since you began....but I was hooked right away when I found that I laughed out loud at nearly every post. You are officially a HOOT! I wanted to thank you for posting not only your crochet inspirations, but your recipes. The man in my life loved the cheesy grits, and I got raves at my family reunion yesterday for the whipped cream pound cake. You rock!
    Debbi from Ohio is a fan.

  14. No you just made the post!!!!!
    Best laugh i've had all weekend xxx Thanks i def needed it
    Karen x

  15. PS.....You're not irish are you???


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