Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Perfect Dessert

For these temps we’re having…





Makes you want some, doesn’t it?

It’s cool and light and delicious…

Even without the whipped cream.


  1. whipped cream. But where's the fruit?!! LOL

  2. Looks like the perfect treat. I didn't know they had watermelon

    So, how was that curry really?

  3. You know Cool Whip makes fat-free, don't you? Well, you do now! Looks cool and refreshing. What did you do to piss Sarah London off? If you are like me, you probably told the truth and she didn't like it ;-)

  4. I would like you to come to my house and fix goodies for me, ok??? Everything you post always looks yummy. I get sick of cooking and would like a "Mom" to take care of me again...ha...wouldn't we all!

  5. Watermelon jelly ?? well there you go, thats a real summer treat :))

  6. OH YuMM! ....and wATerMeLOn at that! :]

  7. Oh sure I do want some. Your crochet works are lovely.

  8. I tried what you only printed out to half of a half page and even with readers on it's hard to see the stitch definition. :o( She posted some more today....nice patterns.

    I found a swedish blog that this lady's house and almost everything in it is white!!! I was like wow...she must not like color at all. Even a lot of the clothes she wears is white. And the dog is white!!!! lol

    At least you had a one day reprieve from the heat. We were at 100 yesterday also. This morning it was kind of nice. I think the humidity was down for a little bit. It's hot out there now though.

  9. Hi Pam luv the jello, we grew up on jello for dessert, topped with soft vanilla ice cream, yummmm can taste it right now.
    Btw have to move blogs, big problems with site feed, so my new site is posted at 4lilgirls, major pain but thats the way it goes eh!
    Have a great weekend Karen x

  10. Hey, I bought some of this jello but haven't tried it yet. I'm just getting caught up on your blog. Off to work now!

  11. Hey Pam, I sure wish it would cool down for you guys. I bet your AC is having a hard time keeping up. Sorry I haven't been by to visit much lately. Allot of crap in my universe right now. I love jello but don't eat much of it anymore but maybe I'll get some to make for the weekend since yours looks so yummy. Love the pillow you made for your sissy. She's a lucky sis! Sending cool breezes over to you!

  12. yummy!
    Watermelon jello makes real good jello shots too!
    im just sayin...

  13. I say extra whipped cream!!!! What the only live once!


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