Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Stuff/Q&A




I started yet another project…a new ripple afghan in six colors.  It goes pretty fast and I like it.


Oh, and a Granny Ripple Purse using my favorite Snowflake yarn.  This is just the base.  The ripples haven’t started yet.

I left the house for a couple of hours today and my work inbox exploded.  Guess I’ll be working the rest of the week instead of goofing off…dammit.  It was fun while it lasted.


What do you use to block your squares?  Now I use Fabreeze.  I used to use a little Downey mixed with water and it worked well, but Kate told me she uses Fabreeze, and it works great too without having to mix anything.  That Kate knows what she’s doing.  Just pin your dry squares (or whatever) out straight, spray them, and let them dry.  I usually rub the wetness in with my hands so it doesn’t just sit on top, and then turn on the ceiling fan to help them dry.  If I want some stiffness, like for a doily with ruffles that stand up, I use a little spray starch and let them dry.

To Debbie H in Ohio:  You are the sweetest thing!  Thank you for your really nice comment.  You made my day that day.

You’re not Irish, are you?  Well, it’s possible I do have some Irish blood in me.  My maiden name is Neal, which mostly likely was O’Neal at some point, but I don’t know that for sure.  I may have just made that up.  I do have red undertones to my hair no matter what color I dye it, and I have fair skin and had freckles as a child.  I certainly have the temper of a stereotypical Irish person!  LOL.  I unintentionally named both of my boys Irish names, Aaron & Shaun, so maybe there’s something to it.



  1. Oh Pam, I love the new ripple!! Can you tell us how you do it?

  2. Gr888 new colors there my friend. Very American with a twist of Fall thrown in. I love that pattern, as you know and why didn't I think of that. You know me, shortcuts like Fabreeze works wonders, but the Downey is a good one too.

    Total bummer about the work box filling up. You aren't going to have to work all weekend are you. I'll email...

  3. Pretty Pretty Pretty!

    Erin Go Braugh!

  4. LOVE that new blanket. I have a special fondness for things that work up quickly (probably why I fell in love with my hubby...ha ha ha). But I digress...in the world of CROCHET, I like projects that work quickly...as asked above, will you share a how to with us? Can't wait to see where you're going with the purse! Annette

  5. Adore the color choice on the ripple blanket!

  6. I vote for the Ripple Too....

  7. The colours are great and the stitch makes it look so different and interesting :))

  8. Looks great. nice with blankets.

  9. Love, love, love the new ripple afghan. The colors are wonderful! :) What stitch are you using?

    Can't wait to see the bag come to life, too. :)

    Lovely projects, as always.

    Wishing you a wonderful day. :)

  10. I second the request for directions on how that gorgeous ripple blanket is done! LOVE it!

  11. Dear Pam! I love your crochet work, it's so cool...


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