Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Japanese Book

Pretty Color Crochet and Knit Goods 2

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I got my new Japanese Crochet Book in the mail yesterday.  It’s one of my favorites.  I have bought a couple that weren’t so great, but this one did not disappoint.


This is a cute little purse made with 3-dimensional flower squares.  I may already have squares made that I can use for this.  I’ll have to go dig and see.


This is the prettiest hexie blanket I think I’ve ever seen.  I may have to try a few of these hexies and see where it takes me.  It looks like the first three rounds are all the same color scheme, so you could make all of those first without too much thought and then go back and do the last three rounds in different colors.  This is really nice with the bright colors.  Maybe a baby blanket would take too-awful long.


I would probably never make these, but they’re kinda fun to look at.


Some new pillow trim patterns!  This was a complete surprise.  I didn’t know they were in here until I saw them while looking through the book.

And there are many more flowers, a scarf, house shoes, etc.

Fun-Fun Book!

Have a great Thursday…



  1. Fun! Your nails look nice too!

  2. Sure looks like a fun book. Can't wait to see what you make out of it. :-)

  3. nice patterns.. :))

  4. Cool! On Etsy there's someone selling Japanese crochet patterns for like $3. I purchased a few and they are really nice. I'll email you with the link, etc.

    I love the book you purchased. Might have to see if I can find it. That blanket is really awesome.

  5. I've wanted to get some Japanese crochet books but haven't yet. I have a friend over in Singapore and asked him if he would look around for some for me and I'd even pay him. You know guys....I haven't heard back from him on it. :o(

  6. Was so impressed , went & ordered one on e bay. Thanks for posting, looks like an amazing book :)
    Karen x

  7. You know we will be sharing poolside in the winter....giggle-giggle.


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