Monday, August 29, 2011

The Mundane

When The Captain saw a picture I was posting below, he said…

HIM:  You don’t have to blog every detail of your life.

ME:  Yes, I do!  That’s what people like to read.  They like the little details about what you eat, what you make, what you cook, what you do with your day, etc., even if it’s laundry.  As long as you have pictures, it’s all good!

HIM:  Oh.

ME:  And I don’t blog EVERY detail.  I have never blogged about our sex life.

HIM:  ~ Eyebrows raise…silence…crickets chirp ~

ME:  I only blog about fantasy sex, like with David Letterman.

HIM:  WHAT?!  David Letterman?

ME:  Yes, and sometimes David Spade.

~ Back door slams and he’s gone ~

Hee-hee.  I know how to shut him down after 20 years.

And, yes, David Letterman.  I don’t know why I dream about him that way, but I have done it for years and years.  Weird.

Alrightee Then…

Bring on the Mundane…



The Ultimate Angus from Arby’s

It’s BIG…



And Delicious.

I ate just a little over half…

The rest is in the fridge for a snack later.



Marble Pumpernickel-Rye Toast…

With Spray Margarine

I small_heart Rye Bread.



I thought I had more of these made.

It’s slow-going with these.


I’ll probably find two or three more hidden under a pile of yarn somewhere.  I swear I’ve done more.


I told you it was MUNDANE.

Guess what I want?


I miss my big dogs.

I want a Rottweiler.

That’s right.

I said it.


The Captain will kill me.

But only for a second and then he’ll melt into a pile of mush.  He loves dogs as much as I do.  Do you really think he could live with me and not?  Or maybe he just loves me so much he’s willing to put up with it.  Maybe.  If I go missing, check for my body buried in the backyard.


I’m just in the thinking stage now.

Thinking HARD.

Thinking OFTEN.

It’s very dangerous when Pammy Sue THINKS HARD and OFTEN.

Stay tuned.


  1. Yummy looking lunch... I'll have to try that. You sure do keep that man of yours on his toes! LOL

    Fun read.. Teresa :-)

  2. Oh wow I am loving your afghan squares.... I can't wait to see it come together... how big are the squares?

    David Letterman? With the secret sex rooms? With the contract on him for cutting out his tongue? That David Letterman? Can't you live a little less dangerous?

  3. Show me some photos of you and that David Letterman fellow and I'll be REALLLLLLY impressed. Mwahahahahaha! (Just joshin' don't know me well enough to know that I have a wicked side.) And you can tell HIM that we love all your bloggy posts! And I'm likin' those squares you're making. Maybe the few that are missing were hijacked by someone like me that loves them too! LOL

  4. Oh...that sandwich DOES look mighty tasty!! We don't have an Arby's near us. Darn!!! You and Letterman huh? I don't know what to say about that. It is weird. But whatever. I love Tommy Lee Jones. My best friend says he is SO ugly. I say, he is so ugly he is cute!!! Also weird, I know. See there, kindred spirits, you and I!!

  5. I just giggled my pants off at this posting. The Captain and Scooter are quite the pair of boys are they not. After 19 1/2 years here, I get that eye roll, disappear act too. But, little do they know that's just what we want at times.

    Now that's a sandwich. WOWza. It looks gr888.

    Do I need to come down there and have a talk. Painting the counter tops and a new BIG DOG... Is the heat getting to you sister?

    Letterman and Spade, it must be something about Dave. Was that your first BF's name?

  6. Mundane is good.

    And so are big dogs... ;-)

  7. That is sooooooooooo funny lol... I keep up on your blog... and I do like knowing what other people do during the day... it keeps my day busy seeing what everyone else is up too... and I love the idea of another dog!!!! My husband wont let me get a dog... he hates them :(

  8. David Letterman !!!!!! You are so funny Pammy Sue.

  9. You are cracking me up, as always...that's why I love reading your blog, it's never a dull moment.

    All I am gonna say about the whole David Letterman thing is, "My eyes, my eyes!" OMGosh!

    Love your granny squares, they are looking good. :)

    Wishing you a wonderful day. :)

  10. Your blog always brings a smile Pammy Sue! Pretty squares. Last night's crock pot dinner was good, but a little too spicy for us, it would be good made into burritos (with lots of sour cream). Probably not something I'll make again. Have a great day!

  11. I love rye bread too! I've never had the marble rye though. I love the rye without the seeds even more.

    I dream some funky stuff but I rarely dream about sex. :o( lol

  12. You don't have to post this -- I just wanted you to know I HAD to stop by Arby's today and have one of those sandwiches. I thought, "Man, I can't eat all that" but I did. It's all your fault. If you hadn't told me about them I'd have been just fine but NOOOOOO, you have to open your mouth and post about it. Delicious with Horsey Sauce. OMG!


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