Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Dishcloths & Paris Yarn


I don’t feel much like talking today.  I woke up in a pissy mood and can’t shake it.   What is it the British say?  “I’m a moody cow today.”  Indeed I am.

This is what I did yesterday.  I made a couple of African Flower Dishcloths I had seen Casey Plus 3 had made.  Today she has posted the pattern so go check it out.  She made some really pretty ones in different colors.


I got out this bag of Drops Paris cotton yarn that I’ve had for a million years but had never tried.  Love the colors this yarn is available in, but I didn’t really care for the splitty stuff.  How annoying.

I just tried to figure out the pattern on my own when I made these two.  Thank goodness Casey just happened to post the pattern today.  Hers look so much neater.  I’m going to give her method a try later and use up some of this stuff.  For now, I have some work in that I need to do.  The fun stuff will have to wait until later.

Piss & Moan…



  1. Sorry, I've been absent from blogland for a couple of days. Lots going on behind the scene here.

    Great new frig. Are you loven' it? Is it full yet?

    OK, I have to go get some of this yarn for sure. I didn't know they had cotton too. Found a fun new pattern to try also. I'll email you the Rav link.

    One down {fasting blood work} this morning and then out for the other this afternoon.

    Consider yourself slapped...he-he...

    Kate xoxox

  2. I like that yarn! ... but it splits? I generally do not enjoy working with cotton, but on certain kitchen items, I feel that I must.

    Hope your mood picks up and I wish you a peaceful day!

  3. I hate days where I wake up cranky. I do love your saying, "I'm a moody cow today" and intend on using it in the near future! LOL

    Hope your day gets better and you have time for crochet. :)

    Blessings - Julie

  4. LOL....uh oh, I know that feeling! Stay in, stay cool, and hook away!
    Love the dishcloths!

  5. mooooooooo
    too funny you moody cow~

  6. Sorry you 'woke up on the wrong side of the bed', so to speak, this morning. I hope as the day has worn on that you feel better...Cute crochet doilies for a grump! :-]

  7. You tickle me . . .when I worked I sounded so much like you . . . now that I'm retired, not as much, but habits are hard to break and those moods still come crashing in once in a while and I wonder why they hang around.

  8. Sounds like "someone" needs a bit of chocolate. I mean, that always adjusts my mood for a bit. Feel better! BTW, I love Casey's potholders...they're always gorgeous! Yarn that splits? Ugh! Hate it! I'm trying to master baby booties and have been working with some today that splits. I, as they say, frogged it! Ohhhh, just so frustrating! Annette

  9. I hope you perk up.. it always helps me to count my blessings and think positive.. I love the hot pads.. I've wanted to do the African Flower but I'm so hung up on my Japanese Flower! LOL
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. How I love the yarn! I love cotton and the colors look great! Your dishcloths are also very beautiful!
    Hope you are feeling well today...
    Love ans hugs, xo

  11. Sorry about the grump, grump, grump. Hope the day starts looking up soon!

    LOVE those yarn colors. Beautiful.


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