Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blue Ribbon Apple Cake


Oh me, oh my…

This turned out so delicious!


Find the recipe HERE.

I’m planning on making two more of these cakes tomorrow.  One for a get-together we’re going to on Saturday night and one for a gift for one of my clients.  That’s how good I think it is.  I just sprinkled with a little powdered sugar because I only had about 2 Tbsp of powdered sugar left in my pantry.  I like it with the powdered sugar better than I would an icing of any kind, but I’m planning to gift it with a jar of caramel sauce for ice cream tucked in the basket.  Ooo-la-la!

And the rest…

1.  Yes, we’re going to a couples get-together on Saturday night.  Gah.  At least I bought a new outfit to wear…just jeans and a new shirt, but that should make me feel a little better.  The anticipation of the social anxiety is intense right now.  I think it’s always worse than the actual event.  I’m sure I will sweat like a pig, as usual, because they are from the North.  No offense, but you people DO NOT know how to use an air conditioner properly.  (My husband is from the North so trust me, I know.)  Turn it on full-blast when you are having company, especially if it’s 100 degrees outside.  For the love of God!  Just do it.  I have threatened to bring my own full-size fan this time, and I think I just might do it.  Okay, I’ll stop going on and on.

2.  No crochet for the past THREE DAYS.  Just no time or inclination really.

3.  Not much sleep either for whatever reason.  I just don’t know.

4.  HERE’s a neat recipe that I plan to make soon.  Cool blog too.

5.  There’s a nice inspiration board on THIS BLOG.  (Scroll down for the latest board…it’s not just crochet but MUCH more!  You’ll find tons of places to go explore.)  There’s a button for it in my sidebar too. 

6.  It’s still been over 100 degrees every day in these parts.  Autumn, please hurry the hell up!  Am I bitching again?  Sorry.

7.  I’m closing my etsy shop.  It’s pathetic.

8.  Can you believe I’m going on SIX YEARS of blogging?  I’ve had a couple of marriages that didn’t last that long.  Ha-ha.  (I’m serious!)

9.  I really have enjoyed having my pretty roses around the last couple of days.  Can you believe they were only $5 for the six at Wal-Mart?  It’s true.  Please indulge me and let me show you one more picture…




  1. That looks quite good. I have been on a cinnamon jag lately. Can't seem to get enough, like the two apple fritters I just chowed on.

    Have fun this weekend. I know it always seems to be worse in our imagination getting together with others. But, once there I know you will have fun.

    Off to check out your linkies. Thank you for finding new things for me to look at this morning and avoid vaccuming....

    Will check in later.

  2. Oh wowzers! You know I am drooling here. Getting to slim pick ins here for food in the motorhome. We leave sat. Kind of hate to go....and kind of can't wait for a good shower!!
    Roses are gorgeous!

  3. You are so sweet to put my button up on your sidebar under the "Inspiration" heading. Thank you for being a blog pal.
    Carolyn- homework

  4. Oooo I so want that cake! May have to borrow that recipe there :)

  5. You've been cooking up a storm lately. The cake looks delicious. I'm looking forward to fall too; August is the worst part of summer. Have a great day Pammy Sue. :-)

  6. Cake looks yummy..I can relate about the anxiety around other people..It is always worse in your head than it actually turns out to be. I am getting that recipe now..thanks for the post.

  7. OH these recipes are killing me, stupid me started a diet! :) I think I am gonna have to give into that blueberry cake though!

  8. Duh, Blue RIBBON not blueBERRY. See what no carbs does to my brain.

  9. The apple cake looks fantastic! I could almost smell it.

    I agree about the air conditioning and people not knowing how to use it properly. At our last bunco, we just about burst into flames and the girl would not turn the damn thing down. I'm have 12 people in your livingroom that are all complaining they are hot and we're sweating all over your furniture....WTF?
    You Texas people have had one hell of a Summer with all those days of over 100 temps. It's just freaky. I hope it cools down soon for you.

  10. Yummy looking apple cake...have had a recipe posted on my fridge for an apple cake to try, but I may just try this one, it looks so good! I'm with ya...not feeling the love for crochet the last few days. Bummer about your Etsy shop, at least you gave it a go. xJosie

  11. Hi Pam, the cake looks so good that I went and got the recipe and with the caramel and ice die for. I'll make it come fall with the new season's apples. Thanks for sharing!! Just be yourself Pam and have fun. I hope they crank down the ac for you and everyone else, too. Sleep?? what's that? Crochet? Haven't picked up the hook in weeks, darn it. I sure hope it cools down for you all. You guys are amazing. I'd wilt and then die from tannic acid poisoning by drinking too much iced tea! Only kidding, I don't think anyone's died from that. Go ahead and bitch, I'll just chime right in.

  12. Wow Pammy that cake looks great. I've checked out the recipe and might give it a go. It says all purpose flour - I think that means what we call self-raising flour but I'll check that out before I try it. I have just the occasion for it next week. I'll have a look at your other links soon.
    I'm sure your social get together will be great but I know what you mean about turning the air-con ON ! They are all probably worrying about how they've put on weight and don't look any good in their jeans and you'll knock their socks off with how good you look in your new outfit!!

  13. Okay, the cake looks delicious, but I want to know where you got that adorable button platter?? It is the cutest!!

  14. OK...couldn't resist printing out the recipe for the apple cake! Looks wonderful!!! Thanks


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