Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blocking Squares





There’s still nadda happening in my world.  I’ve just been making some of those pink & green squares and some other random squares for nothing in particular.  I decided to block some of them this morning.

I’m watching hurricane coverage all weekend because I LOVE it.  I need a life.  My boyfriend, Shepard, is working today.  That man is a hard-worker.

My other boyfriend, Anderson, has a new daytime show starting September 12th.  Be sure to tune in.  I’ll be sure to remind you as it gets closer.

Sorry, but I’m a big bore right now.  I’m sure that will change soon.

Y’all on the East Coast stay safe!  We are saying a prayer for you all.


  1. Looking lovely! Great work on the blocking. Sometimes, my patience does not allow me to get around to that part, but it does make such a nice end result.

  2. The squares are looking great! And I think it's pretty cool that you 'block' them! I've never done that once in my life! :-)) Now...ask me how many squares I've made. Then again....don't ask! It's embarrassing how I didn't care how they turned out without the blocking! LOL...In other news, we're in Massachusetts, in the path of hurricane Irene. Than ks for the good thoughts. We're all hunkered down...and waiting! *gulp!* O_0

  3. How do you do your blocking? With water? (I love those colors by the way.)

  4. Haven't you been the busy one today. I too, have moved from Jim to Shep, but enough is enough. I need a movie.

  5. I love all your squares they are so pretty love the pretty colors. Beautiful work as always.

  6. Ooh, I love the squares that just have a little bit of the dark brown edging. Super unique.

  7. That's one thing I've never gotten into is blocking, but I know in some projects it's necessary...I love your squares - the colors look great together!

    I have no life either - if it weren't for the animals, I'd be comatosed ;-)

  8. Love the pinks and greens. I have a hell of a time with color...I feel drab all the time.

  9. I really love that pink and green combo. They look really great together.


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