Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Babble



We got the BIG BLACK FRIDGE today.  Here it sits in my kitchen.  I’m thinking of naming him Robot, like from Lost in Space.  Remember him?  I was in love with Billy Mummy, who played Will Robinson.  I think I was maybe four years younger than he was.  Yes, I was only five or six years old and in love.  LOL.  Dang, I started early.  Anywho…

The countertops are the next big thing we need to do.  I loathe those white counters.  They will have to wait a while longer though because that’s going to be some big bucks I’m not willing to let go of just yet.  They are proud of those granite countertops, aren’t they?  And we have miles of countertops to replace.  There’s a whole other section of counter space across from what you can see in the picture that has one level where the sinks are and then a higher level of bar space above that.  I did my last kitchen in Silestone (man-made), which I loved, so I may go that route again.  It’s not that much cheaper, if at all.  We have seen some cheaper options, but they just aren’t what we want.

I have only crocheted about 30 minutes worth on my crochet project so it will not be finished anytime soon.  Several of you already guessed that it is a shawl.  I discovered that I was not doing it correctly according to the pattern.  Instead of frogging it, I’m just going to continue doing it wrong since it looks just as good.  Maybe I should write down what I did and sell my own pattern.  I bought this one off of Ravelry and my brain just wouldn’t not comprehend what I was reading.  I just did it my own way and kept going.  I believe it’s called DENIAL.  Hee-hee.

Time for some crappy TV and magazine time.


  1. I like the black fridge!...Why not go with a black and white theme in the kitchen?!...'FOOD' for thought! LOL

  2. Looks nice. I am loving my black fridge!! Who knew?

  3. Love the fridge and big kitchen!

    Can't wait to see your shawl.

  4. Love the big fridge.. wish our kitchen was big enough for a super big one. Thanks for the super neat comment on my blog!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. You have a beautiful kitchen and that window and what looks to be a skylight is awesome. If I had a blog, I could only hope to be as witty as you are. You should be a writer.

  6. wow he is a is so cool....looks good!

  7. Don't you hate when you can't comprehend a pattern and you go with what you're doing, and then all of a sudden the light goes on...and it's so plain you just want to smack yourself! I've done that before. Ok...more than once. lol. Too much crap rolling around in the head...yea...that's it. :o) xoxo

  8. Just getting caught up. I did another small post on my blog today.
    DON'T get granite. It's a pain in the ass...fussy and easily stained. It will also crack pretty easy.
    Go with the Silestone. I saw some GORGEOUS Silestone countertops at Home Depot. It was black and it had twinkles in it. There were lights under the above cabinets and the counters looked like the midnight sky. Just beautiful.
    There are so many options out there. Quartz is not as fussy as granite and it comes in pretty colors too. You could also get counters made of recycled!


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