Saturday, July 02, 2011

New Crochet & Bird Drama



I thought I’d better show you some crochet before I put more bird stuff on here…so here it is.  Nice colors, huh?  It was supposed to be a scarf/shawl, but when I got it all done but the border, I decided I liked the colors so much I wanted it to be bigger.  So now it’s a blanket in progress.  It’s so soft and squishy with the ILTY.  Ahhhh….I love grannies!

One more thing before I go to the birds…


Have ya’ll tried these Crackerfuls from Ritz?  I love them.  The crackers are so crunchy and brown.  There are at least six different varieties.  I found these two more varieties at a different grocery store this morning.  Then there is four cheese (good), cheddar cheese (good), and herb & garlic (yuck).


Mrs. Lovie Dove is about to peck my eyeballs out, I fear.  I discovered a dead bird (looks like a sparrow) in her nest with her this morning.  Isn’t that weird?  Another dead sparrow was laying on the porch just a few feet away from the nest.  Double-weird.  (Click on the picture.  I have the dead bird circled in red.  You can only see part of it.)

So I get on the Innernets and Google “dead bird in dove nest.”  I find out it’s, “Detrimental to the live babies to leave a dead bird in the nest.”  So I get a wad of paper towels and prepare to go get the dead bird.  I’d only been gone about 10 minutes, but when I got back and peered in there to get the bird, Lovie had crawled completely on top of the dead bird.  It was like she was trying to protect it since I’d been sticking my big fat human head in there.  I was too scared to reach under her to get the dead bird out so I left it there.  I’ll check it again later this evening and see if I can get it.

The Captain is at work, but I’d been keeping him informed via email and sending him pictures of what was happening.  One of his responses was this:

“Just reach under her and grab it. If it scares her off, I’m sure she’ll come back.  But wear goggles in case she goes for your eyes!”


But I might grow some gonads later and go get those goggles and some thick gloves and try it.

Paw Divider Bar

For those of you asking, I haven’t sold anything else in the shop yet.

Here are a couple of fireworks shots from last Saturday’s show:




Click on them.  They’re cool pictures.


The night-time Daytona race is tonight.  I’ll be here watchin’ all by my lonesome since The Captain had to work.  Bummer.

I bought us some Ribeye steaks today so we can grill them tomorrow when he’s off.  I also bought a brisket to make on Monday.  I was his hero bringing home all that red meat.  He mentioned it several times before he left for work.

I also bought Fletcher a tee-shirt at Petco.  He is allergic to the grass and breaks out in a red rash constantly and scratches and scratches.  Poor guy is miserable.  I wash off his belly and rub him with cortisone cream a couple of times a day.  But that doesn’t keep him from going outside and dragging himself across the yard on the grass.  I guess it feels good to him because it’s hot from the sun and scratches it.  He’s clueless that it’s the very thing making him itch in the first place.  Dumb dog.  So I got him a tee-shirt to wear to hopefully protect most of his belly.  I call him Fetch or Fetchie most of the time.  They had one with “Fetch” on it.  Perfect!





  1. I love the new blanket, very pretty. Perfect for fall.

  2. The whole dovie story had me and my hubby laughing out loud!! ^_^ We could mentally see you with your goggles on and a huge oven mitt! LOL...The oven mitt was our invention. Just trying to watch out for you!! ^_^

  3. First, that dog is spoiled rotten. Second, you need to get that bird before it goes rotten.

    I could never do that. Not even close. Love the Captain's comment about wearing goggles. Typical.

    We love those crackers too. Aren't that a great saver for an afternoon NOSH.

    Now about that blanket you have started. Love it. It's going to turn out so nice. Can't wait to see it all spread out.

    And finally, what time should be be there for those steaks. Glad to see someone is darning enough to venture out on the heat to BBQ. Way to go you two.

    Keep us posted on the Lovie situation. It's crazy.

    Great post.

  4. Love the granny squares.. nice colors! I need to work on mine.. it needs to be bigger. As for the bird.. that's what MEN are for. Wait till hubby gets home. It's in their job description. Women are for wringing their hands and telling them what to do. :-)

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. LOVE the new blankie! Have not tried those crackers....and darn I was just at the market! Love Fletcher's new tee! And how strange is right, about the dead bird in the dove nest. Scare Mama out of the nest....clap you hands loudly, wave something like a fly swatter, and get her out, then grab the dead bird with your hand inside a plastic sak. Swoop, and dash! DO IT!!

  6. Oh my goodness!
    Bird drama indeed! Why is it Detrimental? Maybe Lovie is in some weird Bird cult where the dead bird will scare things that may go after her eggs.. Im just saying...
    Fletch looks so Fetching in his jersey.
    Love the blanket!
    As for the Etsy shop...don't give up! I plan to shop it...BUT I have to wait till fall when I start receiving a paycheck.
    love you Texan Pammy Sue

  7. Beautiful blanket! I love it sooooo! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  8. Love the blanket and the ever growing bird story. I am afraid the dog will always be smarter than humans despite our larger cerebral cortex. Ever see the movie "Idiocrasy? It's really a brutal satire about the consistant dumbing down of Americans. Personally, I laughed all the way through the movie but I can see why some would feel very uncomfortable. As they should. You might also like the movie.

  9. Your new blanket is really pretty. I'm using ILTY on one of my current projects and it is squishy and soft. Hope things workout with the dove. They can get nasty though, you don't want to cross a mother bird! :-) Have a Happy 4th!

  10. Might as well click on the pictures, huh? Is there anywhere in Texas where you can actually light a firecracker? I was at Six Flags last night, and they do the video and lasers but no fireworks. Yeesh.

  11. OMG my silly Boston Chewey has the same rash from grass. When it gets to be too much for him he gets in the pool and sits on the top step and all you can see are those pointy little ears stickin' over the top. I got him a spray at the vet that works pretty good. I'm going to get him a t-shirt too. Good idea! P.S. good luck on the bird thing. I once witnessed a blue scrub jay attack and eat one of my baby chicks. I'll never look at those birds the same way again.

  12. Love those grannies! That blanket looks pretty already!


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