Friday, July 29, 2011

Hi Ya



Look at this luscious nectarine.  It’s my favorite summer fruit.  So juicy and ripe and sweet.  YUM.


These are some pillowcases I ordered and got in the mail yesterday.  I think they’ll be so pretty with some bright crochet edging.  The seller sent me a couple of bobbles in her package from Rhode Island…


When I first saw them taped to a piece of paper inside the package, I thought the green thing was a Gummi Bear.  I thought, “How weird that someone would send a Gummi Bear in the mail and expect me to eat it!”  But when I got a hold of it and pulled it off the paper, I realized it wasn’t a Gummi Bear at all.  It’s a piece of sea glass.  It’s such a pretty color of green.  I thought it was a nice touch for her to send me these.  I put them in a little shadow box we have hanging by the back door with tiny things in it.


Speaking of green

Want a peek at my new crochet project?

I just started it tonight…


I’m using my favorite Snowflake yarn from Hobby Lobby in Limelight.  I’m loving the color.  You’ll have to wait to see what it is.  I should get it done over the weekend.


I’m looking forward to the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race at the Indianapolis Speedway on Sunday.  It’s one of the more prestigious races.  I’ll have to think up some good race food to make for us.

That’s all going on here.  Y’all have a good weekend.


  1. I love that color of Green! I can't wait to see what you are making. I used to keep up with Nascar, I even tell my oldest one that Dale Jr is her Daddy! Ha!

  2. I really like snowflake too. I just finished a cute little sweater for my soon to be born great-nephew in the aqua. So soft and squishy.

    I want to make a cardigan for me out of it but it would be SO expensive.

  3. P.S. I had my first nectarine of the summer today too -- sweet, sweet, sweet!

  4. Oooooooo purdy celery green. I like that color!

  5. What a pretty green yarn! Can't wait to see what it becomes! :-)...And the nectarine looks sooooo good!!!!

  6. I love nectarines too. And all summer fruit really! Love the shade of green you are working with now. And I would have taken a bite out of it if I thought it was a gummy!! I LOVE gummy bears!! Enjoy the race!

  7. You are a tease :)) my mouth is drooling (not a pretty sight) just the thought of summer fruit LOL.

    Pretty pillowcases and a pleasant gift with them..

    Love the lime green you are using , looking forward to the finished item..

    Enjoy your car racing, happy weekend :))

  8. Great post! I totally agree, nectarines are my all-time favorite, so juicy and sweet and peachy! How nice of her to send that sea glass, it's like gems to me, I have earrings and a necklace that I made using it. Looks like your piece might be a part of the neck of an old bottle. And then.. that color green is my most cherished color right now. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. I've been enjoying nectarines too. I love the green yarn! Keep us informed of your progress.

  10. Hi!
    I saw the pattern to 'all shawl' some time ago, but totally forgot about it. Sure going to try it. thanks for reminding ;)
    have a good time!

  11. That reminds me, I've not even had a nectarine yet this year...only peaches...I'll have to get some next week before they're all gone. I've been up to my ears in pears and been trying to process those before they all get overly ripe.
    I do like that snowflake yarn. I must go to Hobby Lobby one day and look. I've never seen nor heard of it before. It looks super soft and so much fun with those little specks in it. Are you crocheting a shawl with it? It would look pretty!

    Guess I'll have to wait.

    Happy weekend :-)

  12. I'm with ya on the gummi bear, that what I thought at first. Have you told us where you are ordering these pillow cases from. Love that fabric too. Snowflakes sound pretty gosh darn good right now. Great green. Care on...

  13. HEy Pammy~ Thought of you this morning with the Brcikyard here. I remember going to the first one so many years ago. We have been to a few. I have worked at a few also (school fundraisers at a food booth ~ I sold beer :) a lot of beer).
    I love the pillow cases! Very pretty! Also love the green yard, cant wait to see what that will become!
    have a great VAAAAAAAAAROOOOOM race day!

  14. That picture of the nectarine certainly captured its yumminess! Wow...the juice nearly dripped out of the monitor and onto my keyboard! I want a nectarine now! Hobby! I LOVE that store! And I only just discovered it in the past few months. die for! Can't wait to see what you're hooking up in that great shade of limegreen! Are you done yet? Hope you're enjoying your Sunday food and the race. Annette

  15. I have been stuffing my face with nectarines all summer YUM!
    Love the gummy bear, think i'll be laughing bout that for at least a few days.......That wool is such a gorgeous color, can,t wait to see the finished work :D
    Karen x

  16. Nectarines ... mt fav too. The yarn is gorgeous, great color, can't wait to see what you are making (... shawl???). I'm looking for a shawl pattern so that's on my mind. What pretty pillowcases.


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