Monday, July 04, 2011

Geckos, Birds, Steaks, Brisket

I couldn’t stand not posting today.  I have some pictures and a recipe for you.  Some of you who have no life like me will appreciate my post on a holiday, won’t you?  Something new to read when you’re bored out of your skull?

The Casey Anthony Trial is on VERDICT WATCH now.  It’s all over but the waiting and waiting and waiting.  So that’s what I’m doing.  I’m going to go sign up for a 30-minute warning Tweet so I won’t miss it LIVE.  I want to see her face when the verdict is read.  (Maybe I should film mine too, depending on the outcome.)  I just can’t imagine that they will let her get away with it, but we’ve seen it happen before.

Moving on…



I found these pictures on my camera this morning.  The Captain must have taken them last night.

Eww…but kina cool too.


The bone-in Ribeye Steaks we grilled for dinner yesterday were great.  And I got them for CHEAP.  They were less per pound than the hamburger I bought!


Gotcha, Mr. Cardinal!


They’re getting more relaxed and coming closer.



Even Mr. Blue Jay




I crocheted until my hands hurt too bad to continue yesterday, which wasn’t as much as normal.


I’m sure I’ll get in a few more squares today.

The BBQ brisket is in the oven cooking slooooowly.  It’s been marinating since yesterday morning.  I’ll give you my Mother’s Special recipe for it tomorrow.  All the men in the family go crazy for it.  (Okay, the women too, but you know how men are about RED MEAT.)

The mashed potatoes will be made closer to supper time.  I’ve made the pea salad.  It’s in the fridge.  Want that recipe too?  Okay.  Join me back here tomorrow and you shall have it.

Have a SAFE & HAPPY 4th!


  1. Wow!! How big is that lizard? We have some big ones here in Arizona but that one looks really big! I love the colors in your blanket. Can't wait to see it when it's completed. Have a Happy 4th! (Maybe that verdict will come in today....I wouldn't be surprised!)

  2. Great pictures of the birds, I am glad you finally caught the red bird on camera. The Blue Jay is beautiful. The Gecko's? Eww. Glad we don't have those around here, but we have to deal with lizards and salamanders. Happy 4th to ya'll. I cant wait for the recipes!!

  3. Wendy ~ That gecko is only about 3 inches long. That picture is deceiving!

  4. See, I don't have a life either, so I can post today too...and leave comments. LOL! You're so funny.

    Your meals look and sound delicious. We're grilling marinated flank steak (with corn on the cob) for our supper today. It's our favorite meal. Hubby loves mashed potatoes but he doesn't get them here. I can't make them...wish I could. But his Mom made the best ones I ever ate so I can't understand why he likes them.

    Love your birds. We have a birdbath on our deck so we get to watch the birds eating, bathing and pooping all day.

    Have a fantastic 4th Pammy Sue. I'm anxious to start working on my Christmas throw.

  5. Oh Pam, I'm so glad you posted all those lovely pictures -- but it made me want a steak -- and then a brisket -- and then . . . well, you get the picture. I've got a bit fat chicken on the rotisserie for tonight with potatoes and gravy, corn on the cob and peach cobbler. Let's get together and share, k?

  6. Yay! A Post! I been so bored. I cut the grass & now veggie with a movie & computer...
    Love the Gecko. So cute :)
    Pretty birds...
    Gorgeous crochet as usual :)
    Happy 4th of July!

  7. Poor Gecko ==(

    He is only loved by the Captain on and I . . . and, yes, I am one of those "no-lifers" who can't believe people don't post on "family days?" LoLOL

  8. I'm glad you posted today. I'm one of those people that is on the computer no matter what day it is.
    I also like the pictures, and the colors of the blanket. Can't wait to see it when its finished.

  9. Okay...I don't know how I got so far behind on your blog. Mine is updated, by the way.

    I will now comment on the last 3 or 4 posts:

    I like what you are working on. Those colors are really pretty!

    Your baby bird post (when you thought it was dead) was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh! A dove will more than likely "wing bat" you, which doesn't hurt, rather than peck you (which also doesn't hurt) and I've never seen a dove go for the eyes.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the photos of the birds in your yard. The cardinal is just what I expected. I guess I have never seen a female cardinal until your post the other day.

    Your dinner looks and sounds really yummy!

  10. I love the bird pictures, I wish we had cardinals here in Australia as they are one of my favourite birds.
    Can't wait for the secret recipe :)

  11. These little creatures are wonderful.. I love the way they hang onto walls doors etc, not so good when they are in the airconditioner:(
    The birds sure love your garden..
    Winter has only just started here, I am longing for the bbq stks etc of summer..
    Enjoy your 4th celebrations :))

  12. Gosh that steak looks good. We have steaks in the fridge but I think we'll have them tomorrow as we're both so tired from chasing our 2 little grandsons at the 4th of July parade.. we went to Olive Garden for lunch and so aren't too hungry. Love the Cardinal photos, I adore them and we don't have them here.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. Lizards don't bother me. We have so many here. But I don't want one in my house. We have had that happen before too!! Love all the birdy shots. And love your new crochet project. My mouth was watering at your steak! I like a bone in over boneless too. WAY more flavor!!

  14. You're just a regular ol' bird sanctuary over there. Lovin' them birds! Crochet is pretty and the steak, well, I'm so hungry! I hate the 1st day back after the holiday as I'm crazy busy and don't get a snack or a pee break. But I got a moment now and I'm writing you and eating a bit before the next customer. Bye!


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