Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cuckoo Clock / Celebrity Fun


I bought this cheap-o cuckoo clock from a mail order catalogue recently.  It’s cheap, but I still love it.  I have always wanted one.  You should see the bird.  He is super-cheap looking.  He makes me laugh.  His “coo-coo” even sounds cheap!  It’s a digital recording that has the sounds of other birds in the background.  Very weird.  Let me go take a quick picture of him so you can see him.

Here he is:


 Cheap-Cheap!  Ha-ha.

Get it?


His mouth opens and his wings flap when he coo-coos.  I need to paint his little beak.  I see some of the red has chipped off already.  I hope my cheap little bird made you laugh.  I wish I had the time to get a little video of him doing his thang so you could hear him.  It’s so dumb.

funny people divider Celebrity News

*U.S. Weekly is reporting that Brangelina will tie the knot within the next few months.  Whatever.

*David Beckham and wife Victoria welcomed a baby girl to their brood last Sunday.  Her name:  Harper Seven Beckham.  (I had just told y’all that my grandbaby, who will be born in November, will be named Harper.  Must be the new “it” name.)  The “Seven” came about because she was born in the Seventh Month, Seventh Day, and Seventh Day of the week.  Alrightee then.  I should have been named Pamela Eleven Two Three.  I like Pamela Sue better, don’t you?

*Suri Cruise still uses a pacifier.  The horror!


funny people divider Q&A

What kind of ice cream maker do you use?  Cuisinart 1-1/2 quart.  I like it but it’s a little small if I want to make ice cream when company comes.

Ice Cream Recipe I used:  12 oz. Cool Whip, 2 cups milk, 1 can (14-oz) Sweetened Condensed Milk, pinch of salt, 1/3 cup sugar.  It is good, but it was a little too sweet.  (The original recipe called for 1 cup of sugar…I can’t imagine making it that sweet.)  I think I like ice cream made with eggs better anyway.  I will use another recipe using a traditional custard next time.

Did you give your creepy lady a name?  Yes, I named her Creepy Lady.  My dogs still notice her every now and then and get freaked out and bark at her.  Sammi runs and hides and then barks.  She’s no dummy.

Is the pattern for your cowl available?  No, I didn’t use a pattern.  I winged it.  There are several free ones on Ravelry though.

That’s it for today…

See ya.


  1. When you get a chance, please do put a video of your cheap coo-coo on ... I'd love to see it!

    Sometimes it doesn't matter if it's expensive or cheap, as long as it makes you happy, or laugh it's all good ;-)

  2. The Cuckoo is a blast! I too have always wanted one. Im surprised I havent bought one.. I really want a KitKat clock and WILL get one. I think I will ask for it for Christmas from the girls. Hubby will hate it. (Prob why I never have gotten one or a Cuckoo). Don't care anymore...blame it on the Menopause.
    I think you need to make your cockoo a little tiny scarf.

    I guess I thought Brad & Angelina were married.. I cant stand Brad nor Angelina really. I hardly pay attention to their news. Victoria & DAvid... cute couple, glad they got a daughter. Harper is pretty. I think I would be Janis Six nineteen Six...great. Tell me that didnt just freak me out completely! Thankfully that nineteen breaks up the triple sixes.
    Suri & a paci? how old is she? Emily had hers till she was 4! She traded it in for a bike with training wheels. I just didnt think it was as big of a deal that everyone else did. She turned out fine :)
    Im drugged up with allergy medicine...blah. I guess I need to get productive again.
    Love to you Pamela Eleven Two Three~

  3. We were looking at Grandfather clocks a few years back and went into a clock shop that had a whole room of vintage Cuckoo clocks.. from tiny to big and from simple to exceedingly ornate. If you like your clock, you could start a collection and get one with a cuter bird. LOL
    Hugs, Teresa

  4. Hi, When you're here visiting your sis you should go up the coast to Solvang. Danish and Euro imported stuff there. Cute and fun place. I haven't been in over 10 years but they had/have a shop there with cuckoo clocks (all over the walls) and you'd be sure to find one you really liked there. Paint his beak and like Janis said make him a scarf! I wonder how many parents will name their kid, Harper(s) Bazaar that's what the name reminds me of. Speaking of names, we have a radio station that plays love songs every night and you can call in to dedicate a song of your choice. Someone called in last night and wished their friend Cinderella a good night. What's wrong with the mom, why would you name your kid that? It's just wrong.

  5. Fun clock. I'm getting ready to make the Orange Ice Cream Recipe this weekend...well, maybe tomorrow.

    Hey, how do you know all this stuff. No, rags in my mail today.

    Yes, she is kind of creepy.

  6. thankyou for posting the icecream recipe.. my icecream maker is my hubbie.. he loves to cook etc..:))
    Love the clock, parents had one when I was little ..
    Hope you are having /had a great day :))

  7. You'd think they would put a little bit better bird in there wouldn't you??? I mean come I love cuckoo clocks...I'd love to find an old one that wouldn't break the bank.

    I meant to tell you that I love the name Harper.

  8. Absolutely LOVE the cuckoo clock bird. It's so animated with the wings flapping and all.

    Have you seen my version of a cuckoo clock? I bought it in Dallas years ago at one of the malls. I'll take a photo and put it on my blog.

  9. Celebrity News:
    1. Who Cares?
    2. Who Cares?
    3. Who Cares?


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