Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crochet-Trimmed Pillowcase


Here’s my latest pillowcase trimmed with baby yarn this time.



I tried using two colors, and I like the way it looks with this pillowcase.


I’m so happy to have some of these of my very own.  I’ve wanted to make them for the longest.



Go ahead…take the plunge and just make one of your own.  It’s not hard.  Just a little measuring, marking, stitching, and then the fun crochet to top it all off.  It’s a nice relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

Susan had a question:  Where did you get a needle big enough to handle yarn...yet sharp enough to pierce through cloth???  I get my needles at Hobby Lobby in the crochet section by the crochet hooks.  There are usually two or three sizes to a package.  The trick is you don’t go through two layers of fabric.  You put your needle below the sewn edge.  It is harder to get your needle through the side seam where you have two or more layers of fabric, but it’s doable.  It’s the same needles I use for weaving in my ends of yarn when I crochet, and I have no problem at all getting the yarn through the eye.  You can see the size I use in one of the pictures from my first pillowcase post.

Teresa & Kris:  Where did you go in Louisiana?  We went to Shreveport/Bossier City to the casinos.  We stayed at the El Dorado Hotel/Casino this time.

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Corn Relish & Chicken Salad

(Recipe in previous post)

We had the Corn Relish Salads Friday night for dinner.  They were so good!  I took my own advice and bought a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store.  I also added chopped green onion and a couple of chopped Roma tomatoes.

I’m waiting for my cousin to get back to me with my Aunt’s recipe for Fried Okra Salad.  She has brought it to our family picnic a couple of times, and it’s really good too.  Don’t be afraid of the OKRA, you big babies!  Put on your big girl panties and sit up to the table and EAT IT!  I’ll send you to bed without supper, dammit!

Oh, ha-ha…

uh, er…

I mean, uh, stay tuned for the recipe.  So sorry.  I lost my train of thought for a second there.  The heat is making me irritable.  Yeah, that’s it…it’s the heat.

ANYWHO…Cousin Sharon?  Did you get my email?  Don’t make me come over there!  ;)


  1. I like your crocheted pillowcases Pammy Sue! Especially the yellow and blue one. It looks so pretty.

  2. Thanks for answering my nosy inquiries Pammy! I have not been there, but when we were in New Orleans, there was a casino right next to where we stayed and we played a little bit there. We LOVED LA!!!!! But not the humidity!!
    LOVE...LOVE....LOVE...the pillowcases. I have had a tute bookmarked for over a year to try these. I will take the plunge now!!!
    As for Okra...or as my Texan Nana says...Okrie.....yes please, long as it is cooked right!!! Have a great day friend!

  3. The trim is a very cute project!

  4. Hey Pammy! The pillow cases you made are beautiful! I've embroidered on them before, but I haven't tried crocheting my own edges. Now that my local Walmart has brought back the fabric department.. FINALLY.. I can think about sewing projects again, once in a while at least! I'm gonna be nice about this when I say, I DON"T KNOW WHY the sensible and intelligent executives who make these decisions there ever TOOK IT OUT in the FIRST PLACE!!.. Oh, I've got a BIG box of fabric stashed already, here at home, but really.. Do you EVER have the right color or pattern on hand for the project you want to DO?!! I hardly ever do, so I'm glad to have some place close by again, so I can buy a yard or two, now and then, when I need it... Hope you're having a great weekend! ~tina

  5. You know I have to make a few of these next. But, it needs to stop raining here to get out of the house. The last 10 circles are down. Just need to join them in the LINEN and then border up.

    Hey, you can thank Kris for my Pinning addiction. You know she is the one who sent me an invite and got me started. Giggle....

  6. Those pillow cases look wonderful - love the bright colors and the crocheted edgings really finish them off nicely!

    I don't sew - or avoid it at all costs - the same with Okra, so you can have my share ;-)

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. owwwwwwww ahhhhhhhhh!
    So pretty & yummy!

    (how do you spell owww or is it eowwww or euuuuuu I can make the sound but no clue in spelling what Im saying...damn I should have taken phonics more seriously!)

  8. I was wondering what size needle you were using for those pillowcases, so thanks for answering that question. When I do my baby blankets I cheat and buy the blankets with the blanket stitch already on there! I would definitely like to try it on pillowcases though, it adds such a nice touch to them. I'm gonna try that corn relish & chicken salad recipe you showed in this post too ... looks quite yummy.

  9. Hi Pammy Sue.. thanks for telling us where you went and why.. you *KNOW* I'm super nosy and want all the "deets". Did you win or lose at the casino? They're fun though. We have Indian casinos here in Oregon. Love the embellished lacy pillow cases, a fun way to make night-time more pretty.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. the pillowcases looks great!

  11. Your pillowcase is so great!

  12. that looks nice ! I like the combination of different talents !

  13. Luv your pillowcases! I never thought to do that, adding my own personal touch! And can't wait to get your recipe for the okra salad! I'm a southern girl too and love okra any way you cook it!


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