Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tiny Babies!

Y'all go check out my sister's blog.  Her Cockatiels laid eggs and two of them hatched today!

What's with all the birds lately?  I have no idea.

Leave her some love, will ya?  She'll be thrilled.


  1. I went, I saw, I came back! LOL How exciting!!!....And, Oh Yeah, beware of Alfred Hitchcock! ^_^

  2. Hey! Thank you for sending some of your blog friends over to my blog. They even left comments!!!! I am so happy about it. Most of my followers don't leave comments....dammit!
    Anyway, I plan to visit each one of their blogs and leave a comment for them. I visited one this morning but blogger was being a buggar and wouldn't let me leave a comment....dammit!


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