Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Shocking News!

In order to bust my rut, this is what I’m going to do…


I know, I know!

Nobody is more surprised than me, The Crochet Snob.  The picture says it all.  I’m taking the advice of a few readers and trying it.  I’m open-minded enough to give anything a try, I suppose.  I watched several YouTube videos and learned how to tie a slip knot, cast on, make the garter stitch, and bind-off!  Now I shall practice, practice, practice, and then I’ll start learning new stitches one by one.

I bought a kit at Hobby Lobby that came with the above book, two pairs (sizes) of knitting needles, and some misc. other knitting stuff.  It was only a little over $10.00, but I used a 40% coupon (find one online) so it was only $6.00!  The kit was not with the other knitting books or patterns.  It was hanging up on the aisle where the knitting and crocheting needles are.

Making a slip knot is something that I just could NOT keep in my head.  Every time I wanted to make one, I had to go look it up on the Internet.  So I watched a different YouTube video and now I can do it expertly without even thinking!  Her way of doing it just clicked with me.

Here are the links to the videos I watched:

1.  How to Make A Slip Knot in Knitting

2.  How to Knit – The Basics

3.  How to Knit for Beginners : How to Make the Basic Knit Stitch

And there are tons more with all kinds of different stitches.

I small_heart  YouTube




I also got some #3 embroidery thread to see how it will work for whip-stitching my pillow front together.  Maybe that will get my ass in gear to put that together.  Usually at this point when all the squares are done, I’m frantic to get the thing sewn together and finished.  This time…not so much.


And Lastly…


I mailed it in today.  I’m officially an old fart.



  1. Yea for you! Its an exciting new adventure!

  2. Neat going to learn knitting it is fun Mom taught me in my teens and made many sweaters scarves and lots of other things too.I tell you You-Tube is great the videos out there today are such a help. Still working on basket weave lap ghan right now. Be looking forward to your new adventures in knitting. Take care and enjoy.

  3. hmmm. Pammyyyyyyyy haven't seen a picture of you lately. understand why now! LOL.
    I think the knitting is great! I see you have gotten inspired:)
    ME? Im trying YOGA tonight.. First time in about eight years! yikes...

  4. hmmmmmmmm...wait till you spend hours on a scarf.....hold it up and it goes frome 10 inches wide to 3 inches wide....Pammy Sue...I will keep the crochet hooks warm....hehe...
    AARP...no comment : )

  5. Welcome to the dark side..knitting of course!

    I am by no means a knitting expert, but if you ever have a question, please feel free to e-mail me and I will gladly help.

    At first it seems so hard and strange, but in no time you will be knitting like a pro...honest.

    Happy knitting. :)

  6. Welcome to the world of Old Bats!

    Knitting is wonderful! Just wonderful. I hope you love it as much as I do.

  7. Good luck with the knitting. I have been piddling with it here and there. I have only completed one thing, a poncho for a American Girl doll. I wan't to learn how to do cables. How did your neighbors like the pie?

  8. I will keep you in my prayers, Pam. (Can you hear the solemn voice I'm using?)

  9. Go for it - we all need to learn something new. It will keep you amused for hours, or was that frustrated :-)

  10. WOW!! After all your harping on me for trying, lol! I like knitting... I don't LOVE knitting... but its nice to shake things up a bit.

    Once a hooker... always a hooker.

  11. OH, LORDY, have you been out in the heat today. Give it a try, you might like it. But, I will always welcome you back to the hook.

    I've had mine for a while. And I look like that melting in 96 today with humidity iced on top.

    Very Hot and Crabby in Wheaton

  12. Oh no not the knitting needles...Shock...
    Please come back from the dark side...
    To the calming pretty place were nana's love to sit...Crocheting...
    You know it's for you...
    Love your little squares...they will look fabulous all whipped into line...

  13. Dear Pammy Sue... it is a good thing to know the skills of knitting and crochet both. And I can knit, I repeat I *CAN* knit. But my last knitting project - a scarf - curled up like a tube after I'd gotten 6 inches along. The one pair of socks I finished, I wanted to strangle my beloved little sister for insisting I make a pair. But again, it's fun to know both skills. I will wait, and watch your blog to see how it goes... :-D

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. Thats wonderful news.. Jump in boots and all and enjoy the journey :)) you will be surprised... :)) hugs (())

  15. Yeah! Go go Pam!!! Knitting is fun! Welcome and good luck!!!

  16. just found you through another blog..I have tried to knit and i keep forgetting how..I guess I will stick with my hook..

  17. Hi Pam, Good for you! I like both knitting and crochet equally. I am very new to both, but I find them both enjoyable. I LOVE making the knitted washcloths and dishrags! They are so durable, and feel so good in your hands!! I also knit a pair of slippers that I loved. I hope to learn more too. Let me know how it goes for you!!

  18. Tried it and got frustrated with it. And it wasn't just one time, I tried over several days. I wasn't happy with the slow progress of it compared to crocheting. It's great that it only cost you 6 bucks though.

    I keep resisting the AARP crap. I throw all of my junk mail in the back floor board til it's too much then throw it out. AARP is right in the midst. But I'm still an old fart. lol.


  19. I tried knitting but it just didn't work for me... maybe I'll try watching the videos you suggested. I can't wait to see how it turns out for you.

  20. Anonymous12:42 PM

    I keep throwing my AARP away. Only two months in being able to join. Let me know if its great and you old people really like it. BP

  21. You go, girl! Knitting may feel a little awkward at first, but give it an honest go and see how you feel. You're an awesome hooker, so bravo for trying something new :-)

  22. LOL! I keep getting those in the mail but I haven't signed up yet. I probably should....I do think I've lived long enough for an old fart's discount ;-)

  23. Ooh-ooh-ooh! I LOVE knitting! You should really check out knittinghelp.com it's AWESOME! I still use the videos there to freshen up on stitches I'm not familiar with or haven't done in a while.

    Good luck ya ol' fart...bwaahaaahaa! ;o)

    Big hugs,
    To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping.
    - - Chinese Proverb


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