Thursday, June 16, 2011

Purple & Red


Mmm…Blueberries & Banana


Want a sip?


I cut up some strawberries this morning and mixed them up with a little sugar.  They’re in the fridge magically making their own sweet juice.  They’ll be nice and syrupy on the Strawberry Shortcake for Three O’Clock Coffee today.  Don’t be too impressed…I’m just going to make yellow cake from a box and use Cool Whip.  Easy but still really good.  It’s the strawberries that make it anyway.

Did I forget to mention BLUE, PINK, GREEN, and YELLOW?  They came in the mail yesterday.  Here they are:






* Cath Kidson Goodies *

So fun and girly.

And perfect for little RAK packages.


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I nearly had a seizure when I saw this.  I still can’t quit staring at it.  It’s gah-gah-gorgeous!  I found it HERE along with a lot of other really pretty stuff.  If anybody can read German and she gives a pattern source, please let me know.



  1. I am a huge Cath fan!! I get her catalog but have yet to order from it. I have my eye on an ironing board cover that I love!! Your note cards and labels are adorable!!!!

  2. I left a msg for you on Ravelry about something kind of like this. :)

  3. Hi there, i looked at the German site for you (i'm from holland), but unfortunatly there is no pattern source there. I love the other things that you make and the gorgeous photo's..... you're one of my favorites.
    Greetings, Mo

  4. So.... I want it and I want it all... I'll be over a 3 for tea and shortcake, fire up the coffee. Than, we can maul over the C.K. stuff together. Let our fingers just feel the good vibes. But to be honest, I may run a wee bit late as I'm recovering from a seizure too. That is the best I've seen in a while. And it's wear-out worthie. So, it's offical I just got eaten live by a swarm in the garden. They are really going to be bad this summer here with all the rain we have had.

  5. I am loving that purple! Those flowers are just so pretty :)

  6. Oh wow on the sweater.... even the hanger is beautiful... I need to redo my closet... If you find that pattern let me know.... absolutely wonderful... I wish I could see the back...

  7. My German is a bit rusty but she says it is her Mum's crochet vest from he 70s...

  8. Hello,

    I can read German...and I know the blog ...she found that jacket i her cabinet's from her mother from the seventies...and now she will try to crochet it in another colour...but no pattern ...

    Greetings from Belgium


  9. You're welcome problem ...I like the jacket too...maybe I gonna ask her for the pattern....

    You have a lovely blog ..

    (I'm gonna be a follower)

    Greetings from Belgium(cold and raining)


  10. OMG Pammy that is a beaut shawl! Yummy berries, are those real flowers in the vase? Luvin' those GB flower scrubbies!

  11. This looks partially knitted..but crochetville has a cocoon jacket similar...Very similar


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