Saturday, June 11, 2011

Playing with Make-Up

This is the first time I’ve given my new make-up a try…(See a few posts back if you missed it.)

P Makeup Light

After taking this first picture, I decided I needed to go darker with the eye make-up…

P Makeup Darker

Definitely darker, but I’m not sure it’s better.  Yes, I think it is better.  I could have blended it better in both pictures.  Hmpf.




I used “Auto Correct” on this picture.  It made my eyes blue and my hair redder.  My eyes are green!  I also need more under-eye concealer if I’m going to use that feature.  If I stare at that picture, my eyes are two different sizes.  Ack!  Creepy.  OMG, they ARE two different sizes.


1.  The Clinique eyeliner in a tub was HARD to put on straight.  Need practice and a better brush.  I blended the crap out of it once I got it on too because I wasn’t going for the Sophia Loren look.  LOL.  My mother would be horrified.  (We’re meeting my parents for dinner tonight.)

2.  Blend, blend, blend – that goes for everything.

3.  I used the M.A.C. Face & Body Foundation and it is the perfect color.  It was a lucky guess since I ordered it online.  (I got Sand)  And by the way, it seems expensive, but it’s a BIG bottle of foundation…like twice what you usually get.

4.  I like all of the eye shadows a lot.  Must get more colors.

5.  I should have ordered blush.  I used some Maybelline that I already had.

6.  I have a big honking nose.


  1. I love all of the new makeup. You did your eyes really good!
    I think everyone has one eye bigger than the other. Mine is much more pronounced than yours is. I can't even see yours. Are your eyes green? I thought they were blue!
    And...who has a big nose? Not you! Mine is a huge fat thing right in the middle of my face! Sheesh! You look good girl! I like the less red hair. I've always thought of you as a blond. I think you look good as a blond too!

  2. i like the darker one .
    And muy eyes have two different sizes too. Maybe that's normal ?

  3. OH, I love Clinique. Since I quit work I rarely use any makeup. You look great, Pam.

  4. I'm curious when with practice, like you said, if you'll still like the eyeliner. The one I use does the job, but I'm not crazy for it, and wouldn't mind trying something better. If you end up really liking it, then I'll fork up the money and try it!.. You look great btw! I love playing with makeup. I just wish there was something I could do with my HAIR! It's that baby-fine, you-can't-do-nothin-with-it kind of hair! Guess that doesn't much matter in the summer time anyways, when I'm always throwing it into a ponytail, bun, or braid of some sort. ~teener

  5. Your doing good blending is the trick to get makeup on to look more natural. I used to use wedge sponge applicators which really did a good job for me. I love red heads as our family had lots of them but, mine was blonde and course now more grey than blonde almost white in some areas. When I was in hair dressing school I tried many different colors using wigs that i used to style. Love your new make up price does matter when are trying for good foundation that works for you and does not cause skin problems. You look great with the new look.

  6. Who are you putting that on for. Not us out here in blogland. Are we all that bored on a Saturday night. I guess so.

    Never went back to the gradutation party, it was to friggn cold and rainie mist. My makeup might have ran... oh, that's right I forgot to put any on.

  7. My eyes are different sizes too. Yours look great with the eye shadow. have a great dinner with your family. Noticed the blog got a makeover too...

  8. Anonymous8:21 AM

    im gonna get u! BP

  9. Pam, you are a silly goose! You have such a pretty creamy complexion, and beautiful eyes!! And I love your hair! So there!! About the it. Isn't it always fun to get new colors and play. I have an Ulta near me, and I love their eye shadows. I have dozens of them. I don't put a full face on every day. But I always wear my Mary Kay foundation, and a little blush. I love my Clinique lip liner in tender taupe. I love lipstick, and wear it always. My fav summer color is Silvery Moon also Clinique. I always use eye liner, but I use a dark grey pencil and smudge it, on top and bottom. I only wear mascara if I am going "out" somewhere. I have very sensitive skin and have to be careful with what makeup I use, so I usually stick to my clinique and am discovering that Mary Kay has a line I love!!!
    Bye pretty lady!

  10. I like Clinique makeup but I don't wear eye makeup too often. Pammy Sue your eyes are very pretty whether they are green or blue. I have plain hazel eyes. It's going on noon here...I'm still in my robe...didn't sleep well at all until around 4 am this morning. Don't know why nothing was aching but we did have storms come through last night. I'm still working on my ripple just one border side to do. My mind hasn't been on crocheting lately. Have fun with your ripple...I love the colors.

  11. One of my eyes is bigger than the other. And I'm thinking of going make-up less this summer! I haven't done it totally yet, but I have been sweating it all off.

    Cindy Bee

  12. Hey Pammy, how pretty you look!! I'm a make-up whore you could say. Not that I wear allot at one time but I pick up new stuff and have fun messing around when the fancy strikes and get pricey and cheap kinds. Can't tell the dif most of the time. Only I have a hard time throwing any of it out! I got the same Clinique eye liner about a year ago after going on dif make-up sites asking for the best eyeliner. People liked Stila allot but said it dries up in it's container too fast and the Clinique kind got rave reviews except for the brush (most pot eyeliners don't come with a brush anyway). So I use a dif, thinner brush b/c I didn't like it either. Most days I don't wear eyeliner but the rest is a must esp. under-eye cover (thin skin from my dad's, mom). The best I've found is Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Concealer. In pics tho- it can make your under eyes look whiter when flash is used since it is light reflective. Helps with those darker pigmented sun spots that I have now that I'm OLD! Now, I have to learn to stay away from Sephora! We've got the same bangs.

  13. Oh and your nose is not big. It is perfect for your face and like others have said, most people's eyes are not the same size, I think that is true. At this point, I'm just grateful to have 2 eyes that still see!


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