Thursday, June 30, 2011

One in Every Color Please!




GAH!  I want ‘em.

I don’t even care that it’s 100 degrees outside.

Buy them HERE.




The Captain snapped this blurry picture last night.  Not his fault.  The camera was focusing on the pole instead of the bird…DAMMIT.  I’m not sure exactly what it is.  I’ve never seen a Cardinal that only has a bright red head.  I will have to refer to my bird book.  The male Cardinal I’ve seen that is nesting in our bush is almost all red with a black mask.


Here’s a better picture of Lovie sitting on her eggs.

Click it for a bigger view.


Eli Border

Hee-hee.  I have to sneak Mr. Eli’s baby picture in every now and then.  It’s so cute.  What a brat.



I made Sandy’s Easy Lemon Cake yesterday afternoon.  Two thumbs up…even from The Captain who only likes chocolate 99% of the time.  He ate two pieces.  Thanks, Sandy!


Hey, I forgot Monday is a Holiday!  Yipee.  No work.  (As you can see, I’m working diligently right now.  Ha-ha.)  Better run.


Thanks for reading.



  1. I'll take the PINK ones, please for what I'm sure is a hundred bucks. So, very cute.

    You are correct, the male Cardnial is the one with all the color. It just isn't fair is it. The female should be the one with all the color.

    Update on the Liz front, looks like I'll be having to get out the mop and bucket today. No happy camper here. Still no call back and I'm starting to get worried.

    You know I'll be check in with you over the long weekend. As we are getting Dallas temps predicated here.

    Off to swab the decks,

  2. My Annie bought them in purple last year but something was wrong with them & she had to return for an exchange...except they didnt have any more in purple :( . I know these are on sale now but Ughs are so expensive. Couldnt you make them? Put them up on your Etsy shop & as soon as I start getting a paycheck again (Fall), I will order in the brown or tan :)
    The cardinal maybe is a biracial bird. Lovie is beautiful.

  3. Hi!

    The bird above Eli looks like a morning dove.


  4. The blurry birdie looks to me like a house finch. Love the boots!!!!

  5. Lovie's husband sits on the eggs too. What did you name him? Gracie and George take turns most of the day, but every once-in-a-while, I see them laying on the eggs together.

    We have 3 baby cockatiels today. I imagine we'll have a new baby each day until they are all hatched. Daisy and Zippy are RAVENOUS! We can't feed them enough hardly. Poor birds really need us to help with the feeding. We may jump in and help sooner than the 2 week mark. I think we can safely handle them. I have to get those wood shavings out of the nesting box anyway and planned to do that as soon as all the eggs are hatched. Maybe we'll try feeding them then.

  6. I love to hear Doves cooing. We have a few pairs around our house. The boots are like some I got on clearance at Dollar General last year. I got a brown and black pair. Of course I am sure the Uggs are better made but mine work fine too at $6.oo a pair. The only bad thing is the bottoms are slick and I almost busted it a few times while wearing them. Of course I almost bust it walking around barefooted too. :)

  7. I got your package, Miss Pammy!!! Thank you so very much. I absolutely love the bunting... Hubby says he will help me hang it this weekend. I will get pics, not sure blogger will let me post yet? I see Bev is trying WordPress. I may have to explore that avenue... Again Thank you.....

  8. I agree - your red headed bird looks to be a house finch.

  9. The blurry bird kinda looks like a big love bird. :o) Maybe he's a cardinal mutant. lol. xoxoxo

  10. YUM would love some of that cake, my mouth is watering right now :)
    Love the boots, a pair in every color is a must!

  11. I love those boots! I think I may have to get me a pair although today would not be a good day to wear them...115 degrees here! Thanks for sharing the recipe for the lemon cake....this will be a good dessert for the Fourth.


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