Thursday, June 09, 2011

Nana’s Pillow & Mini Give-Away

Nana's Pillow Front

Here’s the pillow front.  I haven’t done the back yet.  I’m not really happy with how you can see the white embroidery thread I used to join the squares.  You would have been able to see it no matter what color I used so I’m not sure exactly how to remedy that.  Even using yarn would have shown.  It’s the joined corners where it looks messy.  You can see it better in the closer picture below.

Nana's Pillow Closer

I wish I had kept trying to sew them together with their tail ends now.  I think that’s the only way they wouldn’t be visible.  Michelle knows what she’s talking about and I should have stuck with that method.  With it looking the way it does, I would not feel comfortable selling it or even giving it away.  I think something should be the best you can make it in order to do that, and this definitely is not my best.  You do have to get up close and examine it to see the flaws in workmanship though.  I’ll have to think about this.  It took me TWO HOURS to sew it together last night, but I may take it apart and try crocheting them together.  At least it would look neater.  I may not even have to take it apart to do that…I could just crochet over the seams.  Hmm…

It’s still pretty though, and it was fun to make.  Again, you can find the pattern tutorial at The Royal Sister’s.

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Who wants this:



Click for a larger view

Somehow I ended up with two copies of Crochet! Magazine, July 2010.  If you want it, I’ll send it to you.  The first to leave a comment on this post can have it.

OR…You could choose this:


I have all five parts (several pages each) of the Meet the Noggins series of patterns from Crochet! Magazine.  I ripped the pages out of the five issues this came in.  Again, leave me a comment on this post if you want them.  The first one to respond gets it.  Please pick one or the other.  I’d like two different people to have these mini prizes.

OR…Who wants this:


Ha-ha-ha!  Just kidding!  I’m not giving up yet, but it’s NOT going well.

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That’s all for today.  I have work to do, which I’m putting off by goofing around here.  I need to run to the store and get some chicken breasts too.  That will be my excitement for the day.


  1. I'd love the crochet mag if I'm first!!!!!

  2. You are first, Gill! I've sent you an email.

  3. Ah, ha, you cracked me up, Pammy Sue! The knitting thing got me! Too funny. Keep at it, or get at it, or just let it sit there for a few weeks or years or whatever. LMHO

    Don't enter me for a giveaway, I subscribe to Crochet magazine, just wanted to comment.

    Have a wonderful day.

  4. Pammy Sue...Where is the pattern for the mini squares. I like them, and i dont mind the white yarn either. Dont you think knitting is a bunch of drama?

  5. RJ: There is a link in the post, you SKIMMER! ;)

  6. You got two??? I don't think I got mine this month! I don't recognize it and I subscribe to this one, Interweave and Crochet World, which I just got yesterday. I have to go home and look! I'm sure I didn't get mine though. Dang it.

  7. LOL......I'm having a ijit spell I swear. I thought it was the July 2011. I should have looked at the cover closer, and you can accuse me of skimming too...I missed where you said 2010.

    Seriously...I've been depressed and my mind is not the best lately. Sorry.......

  8. Pretty pillow! You're gonna hate me for this BUT, you could go over the white thread going the opposite way to make an X; that might make it look like you are supposed to see the attaching threads since the pattern is square and has a cross look to it. Just and idea but allot of work. Just sayin'! Yes, you could go over them in one of the dominate colors of yarn so the thread doesn't show. I know whatcha mean about putting your best out there. I can't stand shoddy workmanship either. I admire that about you, btw. I bought some knitting stuff back last Sept. and haven't started on any project yet, you'll no doubt beat me to it, hee, hee!!! Because you're the NASCAR of crochet! I gotta get back to work, too...See ya!

  9. Those noggins are the cutest! I should have made those for easter for my boys this year. I only have the first issue of them. Wonder if my oldest would be interested next year...

    Stick with the knitting. I used YouTube to help me out when I was learning. I have the basic, knit, purl, increase, decrease down but not much more than that. Make sure you use the tips of those needles for each stitch and not slide it down on the shaft like you would with crochet. That was my biggest problem. Here's some knitting vibes to help you out ~~~ Good Luck! :)

  10. You mean to tell me RJ didn't want those critters. Put me in for ANYTHING from Scotty's Place...You know I like mail and need something new coming my way. OH, that's right I just order from the 75% off B and B Works Sale. Coupon code COCONUT20 good today only for an extra 20%. Lower than if I traveled to the store and IL sales tax.

  11. Forgot to say I think that's a great pillow, too.

  12. I almost choked on my Tea! You teaser!
    Pretty Pillow♥

  13. I have found that it is best to join with the yarn you used to make the squares... so if you are joining a turquoise and a pink square use either the turquoise or pink yarn to join with the slip stitch method. I did this with the little hexagon mat and it looked good. Initially though I just used one colour to join every hexagon and that looked messy. For peace of mind it might be worth unpicking it all and trying again! x

  14. I understand aabout something being your best..I think the colors are awesome..I hope you get it the way you want. I just hate it when things don't work our the way I want

  15. I am looking for the meet the Noggins crochet patterns I dont know if you still have it but i am very interested it it please feelfree to email me at Thank you in advance for any and all assistance with this.

  16. The noggins are so darn adorable my daughter loves them and so do my grandbabues but i only have the 3 section of the set


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