Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Birds & Some Hats


Momma Cardinal

She sat in that tiny spot of shade for a long time.  I kept watching to see if she’d get in the sun so I could get a more colorful picture of her, but nope.


Daddy Cardinal is elusive.  I haven’t been able to get a picture of him, but I see him out there all the time.  He must be more skittish than the rest of them.  He flies off anytime he sees me through the window.


Momma Cardinal, a sparrow (in front with his mouth open…they’re bitchy little birds), and I think a finch of some type in-flight.


Ma & Pa Doves

I’ve been calling the one in the nest Lovie Dove.


Ma & Pa Dove

Doves and Sparrows

That front sparrow is bitching with his mouth open (again) and the doves are listening to him.  I hope they peck him on the head and tell him who’s boss.



Baby Flower Hat

(I’m keeping this one for my grandbaby)


Women’s Flower Hat

Who needs a manikin head for her hats?  I do.  I ordered one today.  Lamps and candle holders just ain’t cuttin’ it for etsy pictures.  I have to appear to be professional.  Hee-hee.

Y’all get busy out there and show me some crochetin’.  Am I the only one with hot hooks around here?  Stop draggin’ your asses and get out some yarn and a hook.  I can’t stay inspired for too long without some help.

I could just put up bird pictures all summer, but y’all wouldn’t like that so much after awhile.

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  1. Hey PS! Love the bird shots and the hats too! I am slaving away when I can on my Japanese Flower shawl. You might want to not look at my blog today.. I took the photos with my iPhone. LOL
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Hi Pam. I LOVE birds, and love seeing what birds are in your area. No cardinals here. But we have a pair of Coopers Hawks nesting in the tree across the street and they have been fun to watch!!
    Your hat for baby is adorable. Is it a girl? Do we know yet?? Love the black one too with the red ribbon. How is your Etsy shop doing?

  3. You are getting very good at the bird shot. By the way, I know the Papa Cardnial is there, as they travel at all times in pairs.

    What a fun hat? You are just popping these out.

    Gladd to see you didn't get on that ladder.

  4. This morning a Woodpecker was pecking away on the neighbors Pergola. He was so beautiful, with bright red feathers like a hat on op of his head. I went to get a camera, but he got camera shy and flew off.
    The sparrow looks like he is painting. Although they are chatty here too!♥

  5. Love the bird pics...and the hats are so cute. Drop by my blog, I finally finished my fish hat. I'll start the shawl soon.

    Ok, I don't have any hook action, only needle know when you loose interest in crochet, you can always come over to the dark side and knit a while. :)

  6. Why don't you just use your monkey head for the hats. tee hee! If nothing else, it'll draw attention!

    I didn't know lady cardinals weren't all red in color. Huh, learn something new every day!

    Yeah...use the monkey head...

  7. Those are some healthy looking birds there. Here in NY you see them doves with half a leg or just one leg or one toe and stuff on their beaks that looks like a tumor.

    I need to get out of here for sure.

  8. I love watching the birds too in the mornings when they all visit my neighbor's bird feeding station...we have a lot of cardinals too. Last week I saw a male cardinal feed his mate who was waiting for him in the about a doting husband ;-)

    I love that lavender/purple child's hat - those colors look lovely; no wonder you're keeping it!

    I've not been crocheting too much - been too busy playing with Gizzy and staring at his new hair cut (I know, excuses, excuses!)

    Happy hookin'

    Me and the boy!

  9. OMG Pammy you make me laugh! Yup, I'm working very S L O W L Y on my project. Trying to find a heart motif square and then I think I'll be set to continue. Lovin' the birdies.


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