Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Make-Up & Hair Obsession


I made another pair of Romantic Fingerless Gloves.  I love these in Cranberry with the silver heart buttons.  So fun and quick to make which is what I’m into at the moment.  The knitting stuff is still in its pretty basket.  It may stay there awhile, I’m afraid.  When the mood hits me, I’ll take it out and dive in, but not just yet.  Don’t rush me!  I may come to my senses and throw the whole lot in the trash.  Who knows with me?


I’ve spent A LOT of time on YouTube since Saturday.  I’ve been watching make-up and hair videos.  My favorite make-up artist and current obsession is Sam from Pixiwoo.  I’m amazed sitting there watching her go from bare-faced Plain Jane to absolutely gorgeous!  Here’s one to watch if you’re interested:  Sam’s Birthday Make-up

I’ve also been watching hair videos like THIS for braids and up-dos and bohemian styles.

So that’s what I’ve been doing instead of crocheting or anything else…just wasting time!


  1. Hey...i thought you were on a knit kick

  2. I WANT those gloves, but this winter maybe. I think the heart buttons make them just vunda-bar.

    Now, have you been out in the heat or something. Make-up...seriously it would melt right off my face here. UP-Do, not with this VIC B. haircut... But, I can only wish to grow my hair out. We do need to see when you get one done.

    How did I know about that wild hair knitting idea,...well, I've been around you neck of the woods for quite a while....giggle-giggle...

  3. I watched the makeup video.. I never in my life could stand to have makeup on my face, but I did always use eye makeup. She was a pretty girl. Now at my age I finally gave up using eyeliner and stuff as it makes my eyes itch. I'm now au natural! :-)
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Very, Very Pretty, I just bought the pattern... Did you use Hobby Lobby Yarn?

  5. I WANT THOSE GLOVES!!!!!!!!
    Time for a giveaway.. eh? :)

  6. Oh, I do like those gloves. Where do you wear them? And I so need to watch those videos, because I cannot do makeup....

  7. Glove love! They're beautimus! I love the buttons.

    I haven't worn makeup since I was in my early 20's. And I can't do my own hair. My arms fall asleep being up like that. I can't even braid my hair when it's long. I've always been mad about that too.

  8. Hey PS, Love the fingerless gloves. They'd be great Christmas gifts. I'd have to start now.

    I've been trying to decide if I should get my hair cut or permed or what? I need something different. It's still long right now. After watching those videos, I'm thinking a perm on big rollers to give it some body. Then try the updo stuff. SOmeone told me one time if I could knit, I could french braid hair. They were right. I can french braid, but this chick on the video does all kinds of fun things. That's why I like the long hair. You can do different stuff with it. Hmmm, I wonder if SHE can knit!

    Cindy Bee


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