Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Crochet Funk Busters

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From Jo-anne "Blossy”

Thank you, Jo-anne!

I don’t usually participate in blog awards and have explained why in the past, but this one came at a perfect time for me and I decided to post it and say thank you to Jo-anne for brightening my week!

And speaking of “Pay It Forward,”  I sent out one of my three Pay-It-Forward handmade gifts yesterday.  I decided to stop fretting and changing my mind about what to send and just get on with it.  So one down two to go.

In fact, I have seen SO MANY blogs this morning that made me smile.  It turned my attitude right around.  No wait…it turned my frown upside-down!  Ha-ha.  What a dork.  I just love blogland!  I probably look around and surf hundreds of blogs per week.  It’s one of my favorite things to do. 

I went to Ravelry yesterday to look for a Random Acts of Kindness Group to sign-up with.  Giving to others when you are in a funk is a great way to bust it.  And since my funk has been a crochet funk, I thought sending out a couple of RAK packages would be just the medicine for me.  I was surprised that there weren’t as many groups there as I thought there would be.  Some are location-specific, which are the ones I wanted to join because they were small, but they were all out of my personal geography.  Oh well.  I spent my evening yesterday thinking about starting a RAK Group of my own there, but I really don’t have the time to devote to it between my work and my blog fun-time.  Nothing else on my plate please!  So I’m going back today to join one of the bigger groups that are for anybody.

Goodbye, my friends!  Talk at y’all tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the blogger link and for reminding me that I have to do 'my' Pay It Forward' post! OOPS!! 0_O And about Ravelry, as a regular crocheter I figured joining there would be a good thing for me to do. But now that I'm joined I can't figure out any reason for me to hang around there!! I do my own patterns for my shop. I love to make things for the shop, and would love to try new patterns besides my own, but everybody just sells their patterns...and most of the time you can't sell the item you make from their patterns! Thankfully, there's lots of sites online with FREE patterns that I could use if I wanted to though....And I don't need advice on how to crochet. I've been doing it, with and without patterns, for more than 40 years!...Anyway, tell me, what do you do on Ravelry?! Maybe I'm missing something. O_0

  2. Pretty much all I do is look at other people's projects and look at patterns. I have bought maybe two or three patterns. Most of the ones I use are free. But I just love looking at what everyone else makes. There is a lot of crap stuff on there, but there are some really good things too! It gives me inspiration and ideas. Same with Flickr.

  3. You are always there for me right on top of finding the solution. I can count on you my friend to always put that smile on my face even in tough times. It's a struggle to keep up and keep all happy. But, you do find away. My wish for you is a thousands more awards, each so well deserved.

    Don't not fret, you have "Paid it Forward" in so many ways already, you do not know. Just that daily smile you put on my face with you sense of humor and vision of the world. Finding the small things in life to laugh about and share are more rewarding that you truly know.

    Off to see that tipster post, as, yes, I'm still having issues here, but will not let anything get me down or make me run from blogland.

    Carry on,

  4. I think I read hundreds of blogs too! I just love reading others stories and getting inspiration (hmmmm....does that make me voyeuristic...).

  5. I'm with you on the blog surfing thing.. after I've caught up with all the new posts on MY blog list.. and made comments to those loyal commenters on my blog (I must admit, I often don't bother commenting on people who *never* bother to comment on mine.. ) .. and sometimes I go to someone else's blog that I really like and click on all THEIR bloglists.. hehe. It's kind of like a big circle.. click click.. boring one.. GOOD one.. hit the bookmark icon.. click.. LOL

  6. I just LOVE our Itsy Bitsy Swap and Chat group on Ravelry. It is a mix of crocheters and knitters. It seems to be the place where all of our good swapping friends from different groups we are in finally end up :0}

    We have swaps when someone gets an idea for one and we have an RAK list so when we feel the need to "de-funk", there is some one there who will appreciate our de-funking.

  7. Surfing is a interesting way to find new storys :-)

  8. You are most welcome Pammy Sue :)
    And you are absolutely right about bloggers helping turn frowns upside-down! There are so many wonderful people who just make you feel so much better. I love checking out all the blogs on my list :)

    I must admit I don't do a lot at ravelry but I do check patterns now & then and have made a few new friends there. I love seeing how talented people are as I check out their projects.

  9. You're a good egg Pammy Sue!!

  10. I still have two Crafts to pay forward... I havent even started although I did buy my supplies!
    Love you~


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