Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Clean Shower Scrubbies






Thanks to The Garden Bell for sharing her wonderful pattern and idea on her blog with us!  These were so much fun.  After some fiddling and cursing (just a little), I got the pattern down and breezed right through my second one.  I did do the second one by making the entire circle first, weaving in all the ends, and then reattaching the yarn to make the petals.  It worked better for me and my particular style.  I hope to be making more of these to do some major stash-busting in the next few days.  (The original pattern is for a pillow and can be found in THIS POST.)

The one with the red/multi yarn in it was done using the home-dyed yarn she made and sent me a while back.  I love her idea of attaching one of these to the front of a gift bag.  They are so pretty hanging on a colorful bag.  You’ll see the ones she made in the first link above (scroll way down the page).  Brilliant!

I see Pammy Sue mailing out some Random Acts of Kindness gifts soon!  I’ve decided to stick with my own list of Followers to send gifts to rather than joining a group.  I feel I’m being led to do this on a regular basis, so that’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to start getting rid of a lot of the crochet items I make that just sit around here only making me happy.  (And, as you know, that is A LOT of items because I’m OCD when it comes to crochet.  Heh-heh.)  I’m sharing the love…passing it on…paying it forward…making someone’s day…putting a smile on a few faces.  How can I not?

~ Have a Happy Hump Day ~


  1. Aren't they totally fun to make. Rather addictive if I do say so myself. Great color choices. I think you need to do a pillow, do you need me to send you the circle stuffer for you to fill. I think it's great that you are keeping your random act of kindness close to home. Better chance for us all, I might say. I know, it's never going to happen...te-he...

  2. Yay! Somebody else that's OCD about crocheting!! LOL And I make my brooch flowers to attach to gifts too! They make a gift so pretty...I like the scrubbies too. That's a lot of crocheting!!

  3. I love your new crochet flowers they are so pretty. I am partial to the purple one. Just got more purple color yarn in my stash has been growing again. I always enjoy stopping in to see what neat new thing you been crocheting. This sure ia a fun place to check out every day. Take care my friend.

  4. I just bought a book with scrubbie those things

  5. The blogging works has opened up so many new patterns for me that I need to win lotto, retire from work and crochet, knit, sew, xstitch whatever LOL

  6. Those are gorgeous! They'd make a nice brooch for a jacket.. decoration for a gift bag... you could even put one on a hair barrette.. so nice of Kate at GB to come up with this pattern. I think it's super nice of you to share the wealth and give some things away. You might start a real trend!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. SO cute. Should I try? Should I????

  8. Those are super cute. Another I must try. I finally finished my pennant banner thingy for the front porch like you did on your back porch. Makes me smile. TY for the idea.

  9. Hey! Do you know if the scrubby is still available online somewhere? The Ravelry link doesn't work. I love these! So cute! :)


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